Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Filthy beauty

Sean has started his doctorate because, well...the short version is that his graduating class from USU was the last that was a masters degree. All the classes since and in the future will graduate with a doctorate. 

So as not to owe more time to Uncle Sam, he's decided to go his own route this time. His own route requires several trips to the school house that is a couple of states away. 

All that to say, ROAD TRIP.

We decided to all go for his first intensive. There's not much in the way of vacation destinations between here and the school and we wanted to break the trip up. I used my go-to, Airbnb to book us a lovely mountain lodge in the middle of nowhere. I mean, no-where. This town still had a video store, m'kay? Actually, I think that was the only thing this town had. 
 Imagine my surprise when we drove up to this beautiful setting and it was crawling with people. I thought perhaps we'd come through the rundown part of town. Nope, it was the town, but the campground was having a tough mudder type thing. It was enough of a crowd to make the trek into the campground a nightmare. Dodging running humans on a windy, one lane mountain road only to not be able to find our "cabin" at the end. 
 After dealing with the same crotchety old man three times, he finally understood what "cabin" we were looking for. I should've known. Despite the 5 star reviews, I should've known. What looked like a quaint, glamping type cabin was actually a shed. Had we known how beautiful the campground was, we would've lugged the camping gear with us. Knowing it was only a pit stop, we(Sean) didn't want to do that. In hindsight...
 We thought we were tough enough to hack it. We decided we'd walk around at the campground, see the river, it would be fine. The thing about these tough mudder things is that it's really awkward to be in the middle of one without being involved. We were definitely the odd man out and the campground was absolutely SWARMING with people. We couldn't see the river, much less get to it and enjoy it. 
 We trekked a ways down and found this secluded little nook. It was breathtakingly gorgeous. Half the kids hadn't changed into swim stuff since we were just going to look at the water. Sean took a step in with Jude and the giant drop off beyond the rocks combined with the slick mud took him down. It was hilarious from my end. I don't recall him thinking it was all that funny. 
When we got back to the shed, soaking wet, we decided to dry off on the little porch. The little porch facing the bathrooms. The bathrooms being used by the hundreds and hundreds of tough mudder guests. Yeah. Inside, the shed was really a shed. As in, all that was missing was a lawnmower. Picture a wet Mastiff coming in and soaking your couch. It was like that on every flat surface, but moldier and dank. I imagine the 5 star reviews came from college age males as I can't picture any of my female friends being happy with the accommodations. Even my tough, outdoorsy type female friends.

Sean finally wrapped up our little adventure with, "I've worked too hard in life to be sleeping in a shed."

Thankfully, our next Airbnb adventure worked in our favor and our shed owner even refunded our money when I told him we weren't staying.  The next time we pass through this lovely slice of earth, it'll be with a tent and sleeping bags in the trunk.

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