Sunday, September 04, 2016


I had a little fun playing with pictures tonight. There are lots more, but these are the ones I couldn't leave alone as they were uploading. I opted to stick 'em on here because I can post them larger than on Facebook. For those of you that don't know who this is, this is Sean's sister and her family. It gets confusing when Sean and I both have sisters named Niki/Nikki. I also have a brother, Jim, and a nephew, Jimmy.

All weekend, Jude was correcting Nikki when she'd call her son,"It's Uncle Jim."

:) Anyway, the pictures!

 She did not intend to sleep. I have no idea how to take pictures of a newborn, but I had fun trying. 

 I LOVE these of Grandma Audie(Sean's mom) and Mackenzie. 
 Her wittle face. :) 

 Nikki and Mackenzie, sigh. Nothing like a mama with her new babe. 

 Jimmy and Mackenzie. 

 My favorite of the two of them. You'd never know this was between cries. 

 I love Daddy's hands holding his baby girl. And that little chicken leg hanging down. LOVE!!
 He even coaxed a sleepy smile out of her. 

 The superhero thing works. I love the batman shirts so much! 
There are more to come, Nik, just have some more editing to do! 

The rest of the pictures...

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