Saturday, November 05, 2016

Cheese ball

This one slept in until after noon the other day. Whenever they do that, I line 'em up and measure them. The official marks go in the pantry every December. "Every December," I say as if we have years and years of marks. We should be able to eek out a third mark before we leave. All that to say, the kid has grown a solid six inches this year. 

When he gave me this mug shot look, I said, "Smile."
And when he gave me this fake smile, I said, "Smile for real."
And when he gave me this real smile, I couldn't help but go back in my memory bank. 
 I've turned into one of those old ladies that tells young moms, "It happens so fast." 
Because it does. 
 Give me all the babies back!
Just kidding. I'm good with no diapers and date nights. :D 

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Brown English Muffin said...

:) After I smiled from this post I totally checked out the items on your