Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Does it count if it's actually Wednesday? Does is count if I didn't even realize it was Tuesday? Or November?

1I haven't checked in on this blog for almost a month. For some reason, there was an insane amount of hits here over the last few days. I don't know why and I can't figure out what people were looking for. Possibly my sanity. If any of you random readers found it, please return it to me promptly. Or keep it. I'll just lose it again anyway.

2My sister was here for a visit. I had to trick my brain into not thinking about a lot of things. Now that she's gone back home, I've allowed myself a sob fest or five. To not get to see my sister, my sister, for two and a half years?! She and my mom were bawling before their feet hit the curb at the departures drop off. "Don't do it," I warned. "Don't you freakin' cry." Given the Sarah McLachlan commercial I'd envisioned for the whole ride to the airport, we did pretty good. I love this picture of my sister and me, whether she likes it or not. :) If she wants to kill me for posting it, she'll have to get a passport and come see me to do so.

3My neighbors are trying to sell their house. We are the only two houses for sale in our fairly large neighborhood. We are using the same realty company. We have the same views, but our houses are very different, size and style wise. I kinda love that our realtors are working together for the both of us. Anyway, these neighbors are doing a lot of the same prepping we're doing. Simon offered to help last week with some yard work. Mr. Pete had asked him to haul some bags of mulch to different areas of the yard. When I came to chat, Pete said with astonishment, "Your boy spread the mulch." I was thinking...yeah? "I only asked him to move the bags. He didn't have to spread it out, too." When I asked Simon about it, he said, "I didn't want to do the job half way." Proud parent moment!! That boy ended up unloading, toting, and spreading over SIXTY bags of mulch by himself. The neighbors have since employed him for other tasks. We did something seriously right with that one. 

4The last month has taught me a lot about myself. More bad things than good. It's hard to balance fear with faith. Excitement with helplessness. I have learned I am a control freak and once I lose control...I lose control. I don't know how military people handle this crap other than to just handle it. I do see on all the Facebook pages I've joined to try and figure some of this stuff out, most people get more than three months notice when they're moving overseas. Time! Time to sell their stuff and get their ducks in a row. Time to process the mountain of tasks and time to shimmy the stress around. 

5Since we don't have much time left, I've been trying to hit the Virginia things I've been putting off. I've always felt a place was home when I could find my way around without using GPS. Tonight was the first time I made it to the outlets in Williamsburg without using my GPS. Hmph. One thing I've been wanting to do since I knew of it's existence was visit the lighthouse. We finally made it out there, my parents and siblings and I. Not only did we get to see the lighthouse, there was a pod of dolphins there to greet us. It was pretty amazing.  I didn't catch the dolphins on camera, but these pelicans were pretty fascinating, too. 

6Speaking of outlets, all four boys needed shoes and clothes at the same time. Usually, we're able to crutch by with hand me downs and consignments shopping. This season, it just didn't happen. For one thing, Simon and Felix are in the same size. None of Simon's skinny-wear from years past has been able to be handed down to Felix. They're built completely differently. They've both reached that weird size that isn't really Boys' and isn't yet Mens'. I took them into Hanna Andersson at the outlets and that led to some funny conversation. We left with socks. Apparently Swedish styles are only appreciated by girls, moms, and Swedes. I tried to buy the CUTEST jammies for Jude, but he realized there was a butt flap(squeeeeeeee) and wanted none of it. "That's weird," according to the three year old. At the shoe store, Simon and I argued about his shoe size. The expert finally came by and sized him with the giant metal contraption. My not yet 14 year old is in a size 10. I could see if he was super tall or had prospects of being super tall, but a MENS TEN seems too big for my kid. At least I can still get Felix's shoes when he outgrows them. Now I just need to adjust my clothing style to match man shoes. :/

7After the outlets, having found no pants for any of the boys, we hit Marshalls. I scored big on the clearance rack. As I began shuffling my way through the red tags, Jude yelled out, "I hafta go to the baffroom! I hafta poop! I'm gonna poop in my pants. RIGHT NOW! Whoops, I just did." He didn't really, but the boy knows how to get me to take him seriously. It's a good thing he's cute.

8I cleaned the carpets. We've touched up the paint. The RV is 90% cleaned out. We finished painting the deck and rails. It looks amazing.Those pickets were a doozy. 
I've consigned three carloads worth of kid stuff. We've shucked a ton of stuff into the attic. We've staged the house and have managed to keep it staged and CLEAN. I've been peddling our cars and RV and home on every form of social media. All in the midst of dealing with the military check lists and appointments. It's been an exhausting month.

9One of the aforementioned appointments was general physicals for the whole fam. "15 minutes each." 3.5 hours later, we had our forms signed. They were waaaaay thorough with me. Kids were quick, but there are a lot of them. They insisted on doing a test that I technically didn't need done. I'm not entirely sure why they forced it on me the way they did, especially after I'd said no several times. I finally acquiesced. Yesterday they called with the results and surprise, surprise...they screwed it up. I was determined to forget about it, but they woke me up this morning all but demanding I have the test redone. This clinic does not give up, so I shall allow them to redo the test. It's just one barrel of laughs after another, I tell ya. :) 

10October in one second a day. The last few frames are duds, but I was having too much fun with my sister to remember to record. :)

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