Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why do I love it here?

Let me count the ways.   
 I gave Simon my old camera and he always has it handy.
 We were passing it back and forth on this particular trip.
I'm not sure which of these are his and which are mine. 
 All I know is that I'm thankful for them. 
 My bridge. The Alliance.  
 I recently heard someone describe Gloucester as if it is the surface of the moon. Like it's so far from civilization, why would anybody want to live here? They described my bridge as "a two lane bridge." Mm, not quite. Gloucester is the most amazing little town and I have loved every second of living here. I gripe about the commute from time to time, but when I hear the news coming out of Hampton, NN, Norfolk, etc., I am grateful to live here. Every afternoon when the traffic report pops up on the radio that the tunnel is backed up, I'm happy to take the "2 lane bridge."  It is my grand SIGH of every day. How anyone could not look down and see the beauty is beyond me. It's four lanes of reminder of why we chose this place. 
 I've gotten stuck a few times due to bridge openings, but getting to see the giant Navy ships coming and going really is an added bonus. Especially since three bald eagles have taken up residence close to the bridge. They tend to come out and play when ships are nearby. 

 That statue is the Yorktown Victory Monument. Yorktown doesn't capitalize much on the whole history thing. They just opened a pretty cool museum, but given the history here, they could do more.  I guess it is pretty nice to not be tripping over tourists, though. 

 There is so much beauty amongst the chaos. I'm trying to remember to take the time to notice it. :/

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