Thursday, November 10, 2016


**I bet you thought this post would be about the election. Spoiler alert, it's not. It is actually possible to not say anything. More people should try it.**

I've joined a bunch of Yokota Facebook pages to try and get a grip on what to expect. I've learned some very valuable things about what we need to bring with us and what we can leave behind. Since Sean went and built awesome bunkbeds in a somewhat permanent fashion, we donated all of our other beds to the DAV. Now we get to go purchase more beds. :) Anyway, I was reading about a thrift store near the base in Japan and one of the comments mentioned an old Japanese man meeting you at the door with slippers and "be prepared to remove your shoes and be on your best Japanese manners."

I immediately felt the sucker punch of, "We're not going to be able to take our children anywhere."

Yeah, they've got most of you fooled into thinking they're great kids. And they are, they really American standards. Every once in a while, though, oi. Just yesterday, Felix was making this noise. I can't explain the noise, other than that it's annoying. Incredibly annoying. As the mother, I'm able to tune it out. As the little brother, it elicits a "SHUT! UP!" and a firm shove towards to water. We happened to be standing on a dock, surrounded by old ladies. I don't know why they only act out when we're surrounded by old ladies, it's just what they do.

They tend to say things that are perfectly appropriate in kidland. Like the other day when Jude yelled for toilet paper. I brought it to him as he was hiking up his britches. "Don't you need to wipe your weenie?" I asked, already not wanting to know. "No, I wiped it wiff my shirt." Awesome.

As I was getting Jude ready for bed tonight, I took advantage of the quiet moment.

"When we get to Japan, you're going to have to be on your best behavior at all times. When we are out and about, you have to be very quiet," I said.

"Why? Is everybody sleeping?" Jude

The stress has gotten so comfy in our guts that we're able to work around it a bit now. The excitement comes in waves. Our house is still for rent/sale. Our cars are still for sale. Our motorhome is still for sale. We have exactly seven weeks to get rid of it all. We need a bigger word than "stress." It doesn't do this feeling justice.

On the subject of words, people saying things like, "It'll all work out," and "God has a plan," it does nothing for the stress. I know it will all work out. I know God has a plan. Sometimes God's plan may include going bankrupt. He does not owe me anything. I am hopeful that it will all work out, but unless you have an offer to put in on one of my problems, don't chose those words. :) Keep it light, like Jude. Offer humor, not advice. Unless you know of someone in the market for a motorhome. That's the kind of advice I like.

What does the Fox say?
He says, "Lighten up, Chumps!"

**The best part about all these Facebook groups...nobody is talking about the election!! I'm wondering how far removed they are from American politics. **

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