Thursday, December 01, 2016

Dropbox fail

I can't get these suckers(you'll see just how funny I am in a second) to upload anywhere else. I'm going to have to break this up into several posts.

The boys and I took a surprise trip up to Ohio. The stress was wearing us all down. They figured out where we were headed the second we crossed into Ohio. Our bff's just moved into a new(giant) house and graciously put us up/put up with us for the weekend. 

We re-did some pictures we took two years ago. Lollipops by the Gem City wall in Tipp City. But first, we bribed them. 

We looked like a daycare center out for a day on the town. :D

Kristine and her kids. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. 

Emily and Felix

Sarah and Simon

Titus and Sam

Jude and Charlotte

Charlotte tripped and dropped her sucker on the ground. She was so devastated that it allowed me ample time to get the camera clicking. I offered sympathy from behind the lens while praying she wouldn't get over it too quickly because SERIOUSLY. This girl's pout is the best. 

Sean's son has a mouth as big as his papa's and dimples as big as his mama's. And, holy cow, when did he turn into a teenager? 

My four by my favorite wall on the planet.

 I love how amused Simon is by Felix's ability to put the entire sucker in his mouth. Boys!

Stay tuned. There are 50 bazillion more pictures to come!

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