Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh, Christmas tree

Last year, I had it in my head that we were going to find a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree. As it turns out, there aren't a lot of tree farms on the coast of Virginia. So we went with the lame option of picking the least dead looking tree that Lowes had to offer. As we were hoisting it on the roof and shedding 75% of the needles in the process, a kindly fella said, "You'da been better off to getcha one of 'em trees from the lot in Mathews." Sean couldn't shut him up fast enough and my plan was devised to get me one of 'em trees in Mathews this year. Sean agreed as that crappy Lowe's tree didn't make it to Christmas last year. 
This year, I found the place. I schemed and I plotted and I planned out all the Norman Rockwell-esque photographs I would take as the sun set behind the tree farm giving us all rosy cheeks and flattering, soft lit faces. I created a wonderful brunch menu in my head. The whole family would come feast on homemade cinnamon rolls and then we would head out into the wilderness and find our tree. It didn't work out as planned, but we still had a jam up brunch. The cinnamon rolls turned out better than ever, nomnomnom.
The freakin' tree farm was only open from 2-5. Do you know what happens from 2-5? Harsh sunlight, shadows, shadows, shadows and if you're really lucky you maaaaay get five minutes of perfect lighting. Unless of course you have four boys. Then they decide to flee during those five minutes, only allowing for a few blurry shots that only lead to frustration. 
So we went at two. I took the bright sun and the whining men folk and the uncooperative children and we made the best of it. The males in the group all had a tree picked within three minutes. The drive to the tree farm took 40 minutes. You'd think they'd give me at least that long to take pictures. You'd think they'd cooperate somewhat since I wasn't asking for a ton of pose-y shots. It's not as if we go galavanting through forests of perfectly shaped and perfectly spaced trees every day. 

Titus was mad because Jude took his stick. The small people have fights over sticks on a more frequent basis than one would guess given the fact that we LIVE IN THE WOODS.
 This would've made a perfect Christmas card picture. :/ I'm kicking myself for not even trying to get one together this year. 

 Neither my father nor my husband wanted to give me a grin while sawing down the tree. Hmph. 

 Felix gave me a grin! 
 And I even got to jump into a few shots.
 Felix was my face maker. I caught on to his games and I know to watch for his faces. I didn't realize Titus had taken over. I can't wait for the day that they pay some high priced wedding photographer to document their special day. I plan to mimic his exact face in at least a dozen pictures. 
 Titus found another stick as we were leaving. :)

 I love that my parents live just down the road. I love that we get to make these memories together. They went out of town this weekend and after hanging up with my dad at some point yesterday, Jude said, "I NEED dem. Why did they leave me?!" He may have a rough transition here in a few weeks. 
Sidenote: I love Lularoe leggings. My BFF brought me a pair when she came to visit. I'm not insane, I've only bought one pair. Sean saw a girl wearing a pair of really obnoxious ones yesterday. He asked, "Are those the stretchy pants--(I love that he called them stretchy pants)--you've been talking about? The really expensive ones? Don't you dare!" I promised no super obnoxious ones, but maaaaaan are they comfy. :)

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Corey said...

your pics turned out great! you worked well with the lighting! Idid a photoshoot for a friend at a tree farm last week...she has two little boys and a 2yr old girl. the 2yr old was BY FAR the most well behaved LOL! The other two were like herding cats. And we went at 2:30 and were chasing light the entire time.
I have yet to fall down the Lularoe rabbit hole. I have a friend that sells them and honestly I'm just waiting patiently for my perfect non-obnoxious pair to become available LOL! Yours are really cute!