Thursday, December 01, 2016

Tipp City

A few more pre-lollipop pictures. These kids are too cool. They were so good and cooperative that I couldn't help but think something was off. I just clicked away, waiting for one of them to freak. They were all pleasant and they all participated and they all earned their lollipops. 

Kristine said, "Make a funny face." My kids... 

are lacking in the humor department. 

 So then I said, "Everybody squeeze together. Hug. Pat somebody on the shoulder." Jude's face makes this one a winner. 

Charlotte's all, "Whatevs."

I gave myself a big ole pat on the back for getting eight kids in one shot without any major melt downs or loss of limb. 

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Corey said...

OK Simon needs to be a model. Holy cow that kid is handsome! He's got the look down LOL! And he and Felix both look absolutely smitten to be with their...girl friends ;-)