Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

because I will do ANYTHING to avoid the tasks at hand.

1Hands down, the greatest thing I managed to keep up with this year is the 1 second every day video. I'm not going to post it here because this is a public blog and there are certain clips I don't want strangers to see. If you want to see it, it's on my Facebook page. :D

2We have a grand total of eight days left in our home.

3We have no renter or buyer, as of yet. Two serious lookers, but nothing has been signed.

4We have three separate moving companies coming on five different dates during our eight days left. One company to pack our household goods. They will be packing over two days and picking up on the third. Household goods for non-military folk is the majority of our stuff. The furniture, mattresses, dishes, toys, etc. A second company will come take anything we can do without while we're in Japan and carry it off to storage. That will be most of the stuff in the garage: grill, my good couch, a few dressers that I don't think will fit, at least half of the pictures hanging on my walls, all of my scrapbooks. The third company will be gathering and shipping unaccompanied baggage. That is all the stuff we'll need until the last minute and will want as quickly as possible but can't fit in our suitcases. The coffee press, towels, sheets, air mattresses, pillows, a pot and pan.

5We have a humongous attic. It spans the entire length and depth of our house. The fun part about all of this is that the movers will not access the attic. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world except for the fact that with all the showings we've had, I shoved as much stuff as possible in the attic to give the house an uncluttered look. Good times, good times.

6We have been continuously disappointed in humans throughout this process. Not just the regular "cut off in traffic" disappointments. More like the "I see you're desperate and am going to take advantage of you" disappointments. Something along the lines of if I had the nerve to punch someone in the face, I'd break every bone in my hand. Sean and I both swing from super spiritual to Richard Pryor these days. Muchly based on the actions of others. I know, I know...we can choose how we respond, but when someone lowballs an offer for the millionth time(!!!!!) it doesn't necessarily bring out the best in either of us.

7On that note, used cars salesmen are swine. Absolute swine. Locals, don't buy from Auto Haus. They'll screw ya coming and going. They apparently don't care about word of mouth. Or word of social media. Or the word of a service member, medical professional who loves to chat about our experience.

8This guy turned 14 a few weeks ago. I don't even want to talk about it. Just kidding. Birthdays around here have been a tad overshadowed by the move. He did manage to snag a homemade rum cake and a pile of goodies. He's holding his go pro that he saved diligently for. We were going to get it for his birthday, but he was insistent he get it a few weeks before his birthday with his own cash. I didn't want to discourage him from saving, so we let him go for it. He's already recouped all the money he spent. The kid is a machine.

9My sister and her family came up for Christmas. My parents had no idea they were coming, so Simon was able to catch the surprise. I'd come in under the guise of picking up my mom for some last minute shopping. I said, "I forgot my phone in the car," and my sister walked back into their house instead of me. :) It was awesome. I love their reaction. 

10If everyone who is praying will keep it up, we will be so grateful. It helps. We've reached some pretty low lows over the last few weeks. The stress's intense. It hasn't necessarily brought out the best in us, but we're getting there. Together. I don't know what the list of top stresses on a marriage are, but I have to think moving is way up there and we've got this nasty habit of moving ALL THE TIME. As do most military families. Geez Louise, though, I'm ready for a break. The smell of cardboard makes me break out in cold sweats. 

That is all. I must go pack or sort or throw away something. 

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