Monday, January 30, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

This may end up being more than ten, depending on how long my kids stay asleep. I have a lot to say!

1) Japan is awesome. I am so happy to be here. If only I could explain to my 12-week-ago-self just how amazing it is, I wouldn't have done so much kicking and screaming on the way here.

2) Japanese people do not cut Americans any slack. I thought smiling and looking dumb would get me a lot further than it has. Nope.

3) That said, I can't believe how much Japanese we've picked up in the five days we've been here.

4) I've driven all over the base. Sean has driven on and off base. I'm not quite brave enough to go off base yet. Maybe today.

5) I went to the elementary school yesterday to sign Felix and Titus up for specials. They allow homeschoolers to join in on some of the classes. I think it would be great for them to take the culture classes and learn some Japanese. As I was standing in the hallway, throwing my two littlest Mom-Eyes, a class walked by. I recognized one of the little girls and gave her a wave, but the teacher also caught my eye. As I stared at her, she gave a little stare back. "I know you!" I've had several experiences of recognizing people here, but really, how many people would one truly know on the other side of the planet? This one I knew. She was Simon's second grade teacher in Texas. He wasn't even in a DOD school. I didn't know she was in the military. And now she's going to be my other second graders teacher.

6) The two bigs went to jiu jitsu last night. Once, okay? For an hour. Probably less than an hour. As I was making dinner* I overheard one of my children say to the other, "Don't mess with me! I'm studying jiu jitsu!" As I laughed and laughed(to myself) all I could think of in that moment is that my children have the potential to turn into Napoleon Dynamite. Don't laugh too hard, I've seen y'all's kids and they have that very same potential. Guide them well.

7) The commissary here straight up made me cry. The first time I went, it was familiar, but not. When I realized they had absolutely nothing of the little bit I actually buy at the commissary back in the states, I was not thrilled. It will now be where I go to buy toilet paper and paper plates and that's about it. Thankfully, a friend took me off base to a local grocery store and I couldn't stop smiling. I'm not entirely sure of everything we bought there--whether certain things were meat or dairy or some substitute--but it was all tasty and didn't make us sick!

8) *Making dinner consists of going to one of the many wonderful restaurants or grocery stores. We've been for Ramen. We've been for Thai. I've been for fancy bagels at a restaurant called Hoop. Most of our meals have come from the grocery store. They have huge sections of sushi and fish and prepared foods. It's so cheap to buy it already made. I may be spoiling myself a tad, but I'm kinda loving not cooking a ton. I assume that will wear off eventually, but for now, I'm all about trying new things.

9) The people here have made all the difference. Sean's coworkers have been amazing, right from the start. One of them had the whole anesthesia group over for dinner at her house. One of them loaned us his car until we buy our own. One friend I made through a mutual friend back in Texas. I seriously don't know what I'd do without her. She encouraged me along the way as we were getting here and now she's toting me all over the place, acclimating me to the area. She has introduced me to so many people and has made sure I'm never the odd man out. All of these awesome people have equally awesome kids. My boys have friends! Good kids, too, not friends I have to worry about. God is good. He really did have it all worked out.

10) If every military base was like Yokota, nobody would ever separate(get out of the military, I mean).

**If you're looking for pictures, you can find me on Instagram(christopherkmc). That's really the only place I'm posting them lately. I'm too lazy to post them two places and Facebook reminds me that everyone in America hates each other over a fact they can't change. He's our President, move on! So...Instagram it is!

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