Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mt. Fuji

I suppose our first trip ought to Mt. Fuji ought to be documented. Simon thought so, too. He started his own blog. Simon Says...great name, right? Which is why someone else had already snagged that as their blogger address. We tried using eighteen different variations of Japanese words for "says," but no luck. Sean gave him the idea for I don't know how long he'll stick with it. Knowing Simon, until the day he dies. He'll probably be more consistent with blogging than I am. He has to have somewhere to showboat his gopro pictures, no? He's pretty good with his camera. I'm excited about the fact that I don't have to lug my camera along much anymore and that I get to be in pictures every once in a while.

So, Mt. Fuji. It's about an hour away, but it's right there in our panorama every day. Well, most days. Some days it blends in with the sky. A friend invited us to go sledding. Her husband shuttled me all over town hunting down snow gear. It was kinda funny shopping with another man. I had to stay focused. I couldn't get distracted as I am sometimes wont to do when presented with retail opportunities. He took me to the greatest thrift store EVER and I couldn't even wander. I just went for the jacket and got out. Have I mentioned that Jude's brandbrandbrand new North Face jacket was lost on the trip? We've called everywhere, it's gone. I can't get over it. It was brand new! Sean has insisted I give up, but NEVER! I have one more place to call...

Back to Mt. Fuji. We got all dudded up and away we went. There was a wreck in one of the tunnels along the way that slowed us down, but it gave us longer to take in the surroundings. We also got to see a Japanese man jump out of his car and whiz on the side of the road. Right there in front of God and everybody. Bumper to bumper traffic. Men!

After getting through the traffic jam it was smooth sailing right up to the base of Mt. Fuji. As it turns out, we have a Japanese car. Not like the Japanese cars in America, an actual Japanese car. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I compare the engine to a lawn mower. It has no power. We hit ice and the little engine that couldn't, didn't. I thought maybe we were just on the unplowed road. We tried a different route. It was also unplowed. As it turns out, all the roads were unplowed.

 We went with plan B. Our friends took us to a little town with a tram. We scooted up the side of another mountain, crammed into a little tram with 40 of our closest Asian friends. By friends, I mean, strangers, of course. It gave me some insight into what everyone has been telling us about the trains in Tokyo.
Looking down from the top of the tram. 
I brought my big camera on this trip, but I have no way to get the pictures off of it. I'd like to visit this same little town in the Spring, just to see how different it all looks. The kids were bummed they didn't get to go sledding--I don't think it's altogether fair that they don't count sliding down an ice covered road in a minivan as "sledding," but whatever.--but we still had a great day. 

I'll have Simon post the rest of his pictures since he is able to get to his pictures. Don't forget to check out his new blog( Please don't judge me or his teacher, who also happens to be me, for his misspellings. He entered the male rectal cranial inversion phase many moons ago. Grandpa came up with that and it cracks me up every time I say it...rectal cranial inversion, ha! 

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