Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Takao Trick Art Museum

At the suggestion from another boy mom(Hi, Jamie!), we went to Takao Trick Art Museum. I think I was just as excited to navigate there as I was to actually visit there. We even took an alternate route to avoid tolls. Because we're thrifty like that. Except we forgot the 1000 yen worth of museum coupons. And we forgot to validate our 600 yen worth of parking. Oops.

I'm trying to remember to snap more pictures as we commute, but I'm usually concentrating too hard on trying not to die, sweating, shaking, and telling Sean how to drive. I'm the best at that. Sean loveloveloves it when I tell him how to drive. Especially when I say(yell) super obvious things like, "ERT!" and "Don't run her over. DON'T RUN HER OVER!"

I do appreciate that even when you're doing your best to not run over pedestrians, mopeds, bicycles, and, oh, CARS, they throw in the random construction zone. In an intersection...around a curve. I will say, the Japanese people can pave a road, now. In a minute. Okay, a day, but compared to back home, they get the job done. We had one construction worker bow at us today. He held us up so a truck could get out and all the while he was smiling and nodding and bowing at us. :)

Anyways, the museum. Perfect for my guys. We had a great time. 

These paintings are all 2D-flat on the walls and floors. The illusions and perspective blow my mind!
 If we go back, I'd plan this one better and make them wear matching sweatshirts.

Jude didn't quite get all the illusions, but it just made for funnier pictures. 
Best dad ever! Jude was not amused.
We spent way too much time at the crocodiles. 
This one fits right in to the kawaii culture. 

 This was my favorite illusion. We had a ton of fun in this room!

They gave us a free drink token with admission. Simon took a video of how the drink machines work--it's awesome--and will probably post it on his blog. 

After the museum, we went to what has quickly become our favorite sushi spot. I did tell Sean tonight that I have had my fill of sushi for the week and it's time for something else. It can't be beat, though. We ate 40 plates of sushi for what we would've spent on a Chick fil A dinner back home. And lemme tell ya, as much as I imagine I'll crave a Chick fil A sammich a year from now, it doesn't compare. 
That was our adventure for today. Tomorrow makes one month that we've been here. Holy smokes, it's gone fast. It hasn't been without it's bumps in the road, but we're getting there. :)


Corey said...

how fun!! what a cool museum. I think i'd be dizzy or nauseous after LOL!
Do you get a lot of stares from the Japanese because of the blonde/red hair? When i was in high school we had Chinese students come to our school and they could not stop talking about or wanting to take pictures with my friend and I (the only 2 redheads) it was funny!
And did I read that correctly......Simon has his own blog? I'm sure Jake would love to read it! :)

almadecolor said...

Oh, MAN! I LOVE the pics! That kind of art is so amazing! Wish we could be there to check it out in person with you. :-P Eat an extra plate of sushi for me. :-)