Friday, March 17, 2017

Jude, 4

The family has been asking for Jude's birthday pictures. I can't find the bin of hand-me-downs that he desperately needs. He's out of his 4T clothes already and the ones that fit are stained. Sean let him eat spaghetti in a white shirt. Side note: carpet cleaner gets stains out!

In my head, I planned to take him down some cool Japanese street with lanterns and perfectly manicured trees and Asians on bicycles and perhaps a baby Buddha. Reality reminds me that he's four now and that isn't going to happen. This kid? He does not pose. He doesn't even stay in the frame if he knows a camera is present. 

It doesn't really feel like he had a birthday. I was out of town on the actual day. When I got back from the retreat, tired and sick, a cake was about the best I could pull off. His presents were given straight from the Amazon box. Lame. Lamelamelame. Kid parties have never been my strong point, but this year, wow. Thankfully, he's four. He didn't give us any grief about it. :)

Oh, Jude. He is so very, very four. He has a fantastic imagination. He's into pretending to drive and has imaginary cars parked all over the house. He likes playdoh, specifically mixing brand new colors just to drive his brothers insane.

He loves his dogs. Ruby would say he loves her a little too much, but I say its just desserts that the most annoying dog on earth gets her fair share of being annoyed. He loves being outside. Riding bikes, playing at any park, being around people. He plays shy, but at the same time will pitch a mean fit no matter the audience. 

He's still very snuggly. He's sneaky. He's hilarious. He's moody. He misses his Grandma and asks about her several times a day. He is a mean little cuss to his brothers. He knows all of their hiding spots and steals from them regularly. He is a naughty one, but he is so stinking cute about it. 
 This. This picture is classic Jude. 
 Yep, those are cream puffs on top of the cake. Japan does cake right. 

 His birthday wasn't anything grand. Not at all, but we ate cake and he was loved on, and sometimes that has to be enough. 
 It certainly was for him. 

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