Saturday, March 18, 2017

Full tanks

Now that I have my computer back and my Project Life waiting to be finished for 2016, I realize I forgot to post a few sets of pictures. These are from our trip to Ohio at Thanksgiving. It was a much needed trip amidst the chaos of the move. This family fills our love tanks full. If we don't get a marriage out of this group...! 

 I don't know what just happened here, but Charlotte's look kills me. 

 These two. They're the marriage I'm betting on. Two peas in a pod, these chuckleheads. 

 I call this one, Why you should never take kids somewhere that charges admission:

 I want to go back in time and swoop these two into my arms. Their cuteness goes up by a factor of 10 when they're together. Jude was telling my sister about two little neighbor girls: "Oblivia and her sister." Niki asked, " Olivia your girlfriend?" He very emphatically answered, "No-uh! Charlotte is my girlfriend, Oblivia is my neighbor!" Her name is Olivia, but we use the word "oblivious" a lot in this house, because teenage boys. 

These people are number one on our list of military connections. If not for a friendship between two military brats 25 years ago, we could've missed out on several of the greatest friendships ever.  For more on that story: READ THISTHIS. <--Good night, look how they've grown, Kristine! All eight of them have changed so much. I am done with reminiscing. I'm going to go have a good cry now.

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