Monday, March 06, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1 We have officially been in Japan for a month. Actually, six weeks tomorrow. I don't really know what it means that I've been saying, "One month down, twenty three to go." Do I like it? Do I hate it? I guess I can't really decide. Most days, it's alright. Some days, that homesickness is a punch in the gut.

2 The blinders are off now. Yokota is not everything I thought it was. I'll just say that it'll certainly be interesting to live here. We've never lived on base before, so there's that. I have pulled the reigns in on the kiddos a bit. Mama Bear has her ears perked. I'm learning to play the game. I do like it here, I'm just a more guarded than I was in the beginning. I hate it when real life feels like middle school.

3 I feel like we have settled into a routine. The big two are in jiu jitsu. The little two are in AWANA. I'm in a women's Bible study. The middle two go to specials at the elementary school. The big two go swimming frequently. Sean and I go to the gym regularly. Ok, Sean goes regularly. I went once with plans to go again once my biceps are back in working order. The dude didn't take it easy on me. I haven't purposely worked out since the move got into full swing. I'm not comfortable at the gym. I just don't like it. It feels like another place with too many judge-y eyes. I can't block it out.

4 Our renters have moved in. That plays into the homesickness, for sure. They're drinking coffee in my coffee nook. They're staring at my lake. They're calling Pat and Pete their neighbors. They're claiming my eagle as their own. I've had a tantrum or two about it, but I am glad they're paying our mortgage for the next little bit. They really are great people, I just miss my house.

5 We got word yesterday that our stuff is here. To be delivered Friday, just as I'm leaving town(err, base). Sean has never had the privilege of solo unpacking. I can't decide if I'm excited to get out of unpacking or hesitant to let the man half decide where my broom should be kept and which cupboard the coffee cups should go in.

6 Jude turns four on Saturday. It's not okay.

7 As I completely flaked on my baby's birthday and booked myself on a trip for the weekend, I'm thinking his celebration should be somewhere completely over the top like Disney Sea or Legoland. Or maybe something a little less grand like a trip into Tokyo? Who can say they got to spend their fourth birthday in Tokyo?

8 Last weekend we hopped on the train and went to Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. It was an experience. Simon should be posting his GoPro videos soon. I'm so glad he has a camera and picked up the desire to document life. I was seriously kicking myself for forgetting my big camera, though. I'm glad to have a phone that takes decent snapshots, but they don't really compare when the picture is something special. :/

9 I've got a drawer full of stuff that I'm saving for Project Life. Well, mementos and washi tape. The washi tape here...! I also stumbled into a craft store yesterday. The fabric had me wanting to cut flips. And this was a small shop. I can't wait to hit the fabric district.


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