Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1. We got here exactly two months ago today.

2. I have officially stopped counting in weeks.

3. I had a terrible wave of homesickness yesterday. I was sipping coffee at Starbucks, people watching. I started thinking about my sister and how badly I wish she was here with me. That homesickness hits at funny times. It's manageable. There's not much you can do about it, but dang. If a girl is given a sister, that sister should always be handy. Within the same time zone, at the very least.

4. Considering we've only been here two months, I'm pretty freakin' proud of us. All of us. I'm kinda most proud of myself because I am so very, very uncomfortable sticking out. I stick out if I'm alone. I really stick out if I have my kids. But I'm doing it anyways. I'm getting lost and figuring things out and driving like a boss on the wrong side of the road. It was when I said, "Come on, people!" and had a minute of huffing at the locals in traffic that I realized I'm pretty comfortable driving. I'm making sure we experience the heck out of this place.

5. A friend had me over for coffee yesterday. Another friend called while I was there. I thought it was kinda awesome when she said, "Chrissy came for coffee," and she didn't have to explain who I was. Not the new girl. Not the redhead. Not the one with all the boys. Just Chrissy.

6. I went to a shrine sale with another friend today. It was an experience. It was so nice to have the drive to chat about life and kids and moving. I hate that PCS season is upon us just when I've started to make some really great friends. Bittersweet, for sure.

7. Tonight, one of my man cubs discovered another of my man cubs had placed a shorn toenail on his pillow. I couldn't even pretend I was mad. I was dy-ing. WHO DOES THAT?! Brothers do that. Disgusting, disgusting(hilarious) human beings.

8. I love looking through timelines and seeing how much they've changed. This was one year ago.

9. Oi, two years ago. This one makes my heart hurt. Man, they've all changed SO MUCH.

10. We're ready for visitors now. Don't put it off. Take advantage of free lodging and come on already. 

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almadecolor said...

Shorn toenail...oh...my...word! I almost snorted for that little episode! I'm glad you've found enough normalcy there to have left the "new girl" status. One of my friends, struggling with moving to new places all the time, is now clinging to a phrase she feels God spoke to her heart: "Grow where you're planted." I would echo that phrase, and think you're doing just that...but I would also add, since as military people, we never know how long we are planted for before we are transplanted...again...and again...etc., that we should grow and produce fruit wherever we are transplanted...for HOWEVER LONG we are in any situation. It's obviously EASIER emotionally to just never connect, but it's so much richer an experience and a much more fruitful/satisfying existence to love/invest in people and the place.
Also, for homesickness, realize that all homesickness has a sort of graph representation that might indeed resemble a wave...like a SIN wave in Math. :-) But, that, if you recognize the waves, and deal with them, they do get easier to deal with, and if you "survive" long enough, the experience becomes much more peaceful and less of a homesick rollercoaster. I suggest reading https://medium.com/global-perspectives/the-4-stages-of-culture-shock-a79957726164 if you have a moment. It was very helpful to me just knowing the stages of culture shock/homesickness and some ways to deal with each stage. Then, you can read https://www.gooverseas.com/blog/ways-reduce-homesickness-abroad for ways to fight homesickness.
Also, feel free to use me as the target for item number 3 on the "26 Ways [...]" article.... ;-P Love ya...miss ya...still excited that you're experiencing Japan and living a new, unexpected season in your life.