Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

One of Tito Burrito's birthday gifts was a trip into Tokyo with just mom and dad. He was suspicious that it had something to do with Pokemon, but gave a victorious, "I knew it!" when the lady at the Info booth said, "Ohohoh, Pokemon, hai!"
 He got a coffee mug and a regular cup. The coffee mug is totally for me, so it didn't come out of his budget. He got some pikachu inspired snack products. He got a reusable tin full of cookies-practical fella. He got a t-shirt...they didn't sell ANY kid sized hats and the t-shirt he got was the only shirt in the store that would fit an 8 year old boy. The clothing department was a little lacking. He got some stamps. All the cards were in Japanese, so Pokemon cards weren't purchased. He got a watch and a wallet. The kid got everything he wanted and then some and we really didn't spend that much money. I gave him a handful of yen and let him go nuts at the wall of coin machines. He got some really fun stuff. 
 This thing had digital sakura petals falling inside the ball that you can see in the picture. Super cool.
 I so wish Mr. Pokemon had gotten this one in focus. Titus' grin!!
Leaving the Pokemon store, I threw my hand up at Sean, "What are we high giving?" he asked. "Our parenting." I replied. I don't always feel the victories of parenting, but I could feel it in my bones that we were the absolute greatest parents on the planet in that very moment. 

After Pokemon, we sat for a minute at Tully's and had a coffee. We stumbled upon a choreographed fountain show. It was amazing. The video doesn't do it justice. Better than fireworks!  
We headed for home after a quick pit stop for ice cream. Sean was dragging. He had a long week at work and couldn't keep up with us. Come to find out, it was more than just a long week at work that had him dragging. :/

 Titus eating an ice cream cone on a random street corner in Tokyo may just be my favorite picture ever. 

 The way this boy stands with his feet overlapped like that, lovelovelove.

We hopped on the train and settled in for a long ride home. It was packed, so no seats were to be had. "Watch, we'll get a seat two stops from home," I said. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened. We watched a man fall asleep over his book and proceed to fall into such a deep sleep we thought he was going to fall into the aisle. He jerked awake, looked left and right and then bolted off the train. We chuckled that he almost missed his stop.

As it turns out, my app failed to inform me that that was also our stop to switch trains. As the train stops started sounding unfamiliar, I checked the map. It wouldn't have been a huge deal if we hadn't parked in a lot that closes and does not allow you to take your car home with you after 10:30 pm. 

We quickly found the right train and hopped on. Again, the announcement of which line we were on sounded unfamiliar enough that we jumped right back off. Another American informed us that they'd shuffled a few lines around. Somehow we landed on the correct train and ran from the station to the parking garage. We screeched out at 10:26. I am so thankful for that four minute buffer. If we'd had to walk home, I never would've heard the end of it. It was such a fantastic day. I am so glad we could give this boy some much needed one on two time. 

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