Sunday, April 02, 2017

Project Life 2016, part 1

I realize this may be boring to most, but as long as Grandmas are still reading my blog and still loving pictures of their grand babies, I will continue to post my Project Life albums. Every year, I almost give up. I come so close to quitting. I'm out of room. I'm out of motivation. I'm really out of time. Something keeps pulling me back in. Maybe it's that I feel I have to do something with my pictures. I can't leave them in the computer. Once I have them in print, I can't just stick them in a drawer.

It's an "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" kinda thing.

Yesterday, I shuffled the baby's ultrasound photos for the last time. I finally put them in the 2015 album. I flipped through the pictures and grieved again, but for the first time with no tears. The ache was/is still there, but I was just glad to see the few little bits I have that show she existed and was loved. It was good to feel it all again and allow myself to think about her. I wouldn't have any of that if I didn't take the time to put all those memories in one place.

I am so glad I haven't kicked this hobby to the curb. I put it off and have to do marathon runs of catching up. Some of the pictures are blurry and some of the papers are faded. I don't write as much as I'd like to and the some of the cute, artsy stuff is neglected for the sake of time.'s a good reminder that I don't need to keep up with any Jones'. It lets me see how amazing my life is in one little book. It fills my heart to see these people I love, even if they live a state or ten away. It stops me in my tracks and catches me in the gut and makes me raise my eyebrows at my own ungratefulness. Because he picked me and they are ours and this life we have is pretty freakin' awesome.

Here ya go. I wish I could flip through it with whoever you are that is peeking at my book. I'd make us a cup of coffee and fill you in on all the gaps. But for most of you, this'll have to do. Click on the pictures to enlarge and try hard not to be too terribly jealous of my government issued brown carpet.

I've been using Project Life since Titus turned 2(2011) and he's about to turn 8. I can't hunt down all the posts, but here are some that were easy to find from past years: 2012, 2013&2013, 2014, 2015&2015

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