Saturday, April 08, 2017

Project Life 2016, part 2

I like people. I like making memories with people. I like remembering. 

Don't ever discount the little stuff. The notes, the cards, the things that seem insignificant can be the most treasured. At least by me. In case you've ever wondered why I pulled out my camera in the middle of dinner. If you've ever been embarrassed by the sound of my shutter. If you cringed when you knew I took a picture without warning you...this is why. This is what I do with all that stuff. 
 My favorite picture with my siblings ever ever ever. 

 Hand written notes, be still my heart! I am a sucker for a hand written note. 

Looking back through these books is like getting a big ole hug from my favorite people. 2016 was a rough one, but looking back and seeing all the love...all worth it.

*Click on the pictures to make them bigger!

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