Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sakura pictures, take 2

After dragging my children all over the place looking for blooms last week, we landed right back where we started. Again. They were all in blue, nobody had food on their face, their hair was presentable, and I was fully stocked on hi-chews. Pictures were definitely in order. This time, no Bible tracts were offered by random strangers. 

 Jude really doesn't dance much, but somehow it always looks like it in pictures. 

 Mondays. That's what this one says to me. I yawn every time I look at it. 

I may have one (or two or three) more day of exploration in me for chasing sakura before they all go away. The boys got ahead on their schoolwork today, so I am planning an early morning excursion to somewhere I spied on the map. I only hope the boys are willing, the weather holds, and parking is readily available. :)

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