Monday, April 17, 2017

Showa Park

A friend brought up Showa Park while we were out for coffee the other day. We'd been and I wasn't tracking the excitement over this park. We continuously hear amazing things about it and yet we thought it was kind of a swing and miss as far as paid parks go. 

As it turns out, we went in the wrong entrance. As soon as my coffee date was over, I picked up the punklets and off we went to find the good entrance. 

We rented bikes because it's a big park. Our first stop was the big jumpy thing. I still can't figure out how they keep this thing inflated. It's absolutely massive.

While it looks like they're trying to kill each other, they were actually having the greatest time. They forgot to argue for three solid hours. It was enough to convince me that we need a yearly pass to this particular venue. 
 The mound wore them out pretty quickly. The day we went was the warmest we've had yet. It makes me a lil nervous about summer. I've heard it's worse than SC summers. There's not much that's worse than SC summers as far as sticky and hot goes. 

As the sakura petals were floating down, I had so many choked up moments of realizing just how awesome this adventure is and how lucky I am to have these pretty fantastic kids by my side. 

 The dragons! I mean, really. Japan wins at parks. 

See the little white spots around Simon? Those are sakura petals falling. It's so pretty. 

 We ended our visit checking on the tulip fields. There were SO MANY PEOPLE packed into the paths around all the flower beds. Photographers, artists, old people enjoying the silence. And then we showed up. :)

 I so wish this had been during the golden hour. I've got to learn how to shoot in full sun. 

 The baskets of dogs were too much. They sat there posing the entire time we ate. 

 Check out the background. I was cracking up as Sailor Moon caught my boys' eye. 

 Jude's face, ha!

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