Saturday, April 08, 2017


The best friends I have made in the military have been at the recommendation of mutual friends. Melanie and I have a mutual friend in San Antonio that connected us on Facebook the day I told her, "So we got some surprising news today...Konnichiwa."

During the moving process, Melanie Facebook messaged me off many a ledge. When I complained to her, she calmed me down. When I asked her a bazillion questions, she answered every one. Many times I thought, "I'm driving this lady crazy. She's not going to be my friend in real life." Thankfully, redheads seem to get each other. 

I have never met a more inclusive person. She tucked me under her wing and shuttled me around and introduced me and plugged me in from day one. They took us for ramen and showed me how to get into the Costco parking lot and loaned me yen when I ran out. 

They left for vacation when we'd only been here ten days. As they were trying to get out the door, I realized we had no sheets or towels for our first night in our house. She dropped everything and pulled together enough sheets to bed a village--which, coincidentally, is how much bedding we need.

 Fast forward a few weeks to the Women's Retreat. Our speaker was talking about Kin. People from down south know what Kin is. She was asking for examples from us about how we can be kin to others. I knew if I spoke up about Melanie that I wouldn't be able to keep it together, but she is exactly what our speaker was talking about.

 She has gone out of her way so many times for me and it has made all the difference with this move. I am so glad God saw fit to overlap our stories. 

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Nina Peacock said...

Melanie is amazing. I'm constantly impressed by what a servant she is; truly a woman of the Lord.