Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ashikaga Flower Park--Wisteria

Seeing this wisteria was at the top of my list before we even got to Japan. It's not exactly what is depicted in the Pinterest click bait, but it was absolutely amazing. There was no opportunity for standing below this massive spread to get a solo shot. The place was packed, and for good reason. I went a smudge overboard with the number of pictures I posted, but this is nothing compared to how many I took. 

Look. At. This.

 My flower viewing buddy, Evelyn, is an amazing artist in addition to her mad photography skills. 
Check out her work here: Evelyn Curry Art

 The Japanese know how to do flowers. As nice as Hitachi Seaside Park was, we both agreed that Ashikaga won. I will go back to Ashikaga. 

 When I stooped to get this picture, I asked Evelyn, "Are these the flowers we drove two and a half hours and paid a bazillion dollars to see the other day??" Yep. HA!

 Tending the roses in cute little bonnets.

 This was the second tree. One of them is over 150 years old, according to the brochure. 

 I love all the little old Japanese couples. Japan would be a great place to be old. I would love to carry out my last few years visiting flower parks and eating ramen. Actually, that's what I do now. Hm. Perhaps I'll go ahead and buy myself some velcro sneaks...

 Obviously Japan is doing it's part to keep the bee population happy. 

Do you see the crane?! He stood still for us long enough to get quite a few shots. How perfectly Japanese!! 
 The trellis work was amazing. The trees aren't that big. The way they lattice the wisteria is amazing. 

 We could've easily spent the entire day and evening here. We had kiddos to get back for, but next year, it's on! What an amazing Creator we have. The beauty and unique attributes of each flower is astounding. How awesome that he lent us this Earth to be stewards of his creation. 

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