Monday, May 08, 2017


I didn't care a ton about flowers until we got here. I tend to slay all things green. Last summer, I unearthed every azalea bush in our yard. I mean, I dug those suckers up and launched them down the hill towards the burn pile. I think there were 27 in all. I wanted a blank slate to start over with our yard. We moved before I had another season to plant, so...whoops.

Here, they celebrate azaleas. There is an azalea destination. I feel a tiny bit of remorse about digging up those established bushes. :/ I haven't been to see the azaleas, but I can check nemophila off the list. 

One of my roommates from the retreat I went on happens to be an amazing photographer. I've never gone on a photography outing with someone who gets it. She is so far beyond me, photographically, but to go on a trip like this with the purpose of taking it all was nice. No whining. No negotiating over how many more shots. Just flowers and chatter and clicking shutters. Oh, and tolls. 

The Nemophila live 2.5 hours away at the Hitachi Seaside Park. All of Japan was there to see the little blue flowers, but it really wasn't as bad as it looks in the pictures. Everybody moved along in a neat and tidy fashion. 

It took us five tries to find somewhere to eat. After driving to two closed restaurants, we went for the crowded coffee shop. One look at the menu and we decided being rude and ditching trumped eating diner food without kids. We opted for a precious little tea house. The smells at this restaurant were...mmm. Not quite mmm enough to wait four hours. Restaurant number five was typical Japanese. I hadn't had soba noodles before. Evelyn looked like a pro as she confidently dumped the broth onto the soba noodles. We had a good laugh as it leaked out of the udon noodle holder all over the tray. We also figured out that the waitress was asking us "hot" or "cold." Y'know what's nasty cold? Udon noodles. All the lessons learned during one meal!

I love road trips. I don't love the tolls--oi, but the road tripping is worth it. Road trips in Japan are a whole new ball game.
The destination is fun, but the best part is the time spent in the car and the laughter shared along the way. In a place where nothing is comfortable or familiar, it's nice to have a buddy to adventure with.

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