Monday, May 22, 2017

Shibuya Ghosts

My photography field trip buddy and I went on a trip into Tokyo this weekend. Our first stop was the Starbucks overlooking Shibuya Crossing. We stalked a seat and landed one after not too terribly long. Nobody bothered to stalk our seats when they saw us pull out a tripod and multiple cameras. 
 We slow played our coffees and spent some time taking pictures of this amazing attraction. 
 It amazes me that nobody bumps into you when you're crossing. After watching for a bit, I'm surprised people don't get run over here on a regular basis. One lunatic taunted a group of Mari Cart-ers by walking in front of them when they had the green light. Somebody should've bumped him just hard enough to teach him all the "Don't be an idiot" lessons his mother clearly failed to teach him. 
 Ah, people watching at it's finest. 

 I'm not sure if these are artsy or garbage, but I like 'em and I had fun playing around with shutter speeds. I love that the people passing through carried over as streaks of movement. Ghosts. Nameless, faceless ghosts. Everybody was just passing through. 

 Do you see the photographer in the sidewalk to the right? He looks superimposed. I wish I could see what pictures he got. Editing these was like the greatest game of Where's Waldo. He was in some pictures from a few light cycles before these. Brave fella. The drivers do not care if you are in the crosswalk and the light turns green for them. They go and you better be out of their way. 

 After Shibuya we headed for one more spot before calling it a night. It was pretty awesome. Awesome enough that it needs to be in a separate post...

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