Sunday, June 04, 2017

Hakone and Lake Ashinoko

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to Mount Hakone with some friends. 

We took the steepest, most windy roads ever driven to get to the tram that would take us to the ropeway that would take us to the volcano. The tram was jammed. We did the gaijin thing of staring at the tram confusedly as if people would magically disappear, enabling our crowd to fit. We decided to let the tram pass us by with the hopes that the next time through it would be less crowded. It wasn't, so we squeezed in amongst the crowd for the trip up the mountain.

 I didn't get any shots of the ropeway, but Simon may have. This is at the top of the volcano. Leila's face reflects the smell. The whole place smells of sulfurous vapors, but we adapted pretty quickly. 

One of their tourist trappy things is the black hardboiled eggs they sell. They are boiled for an hour in natural spring water that contains iron and sulphur and then steamed for fifteen minutes. Spoiler alert:  they taste exactly like regular hardboiled eggs. 

Jude was more enthralled with a caterpillar than with the volcano we were skirting around. 

The beginning of the Hsieh girls' delinquency. ;P

 This bear that had absolutely nothing to do with the venue. 980 yen of negotiations and fit pitching and drama. 

 Between these pictures, I jokingly said, "Oh wait. Suck in your guts." Then David said, "Oh yeah, we have do that, too, now."And that was the last time David was seen. 

Lake Ashi is another destination we hit on the way home. It was actually the very first trip we took when we got here. Only it was freezing and everything was covered in snow. 

If you look closely, you can see the Japanese people giggling. Their nasty little dog. Jude explained, "He keeps hugging me, Mom!"

We didn't get a view of Mount Fuji, but the tori gate is pretty cool. 

Simon tried octopus on a stick. 

See Old Man River smirking? Yeah...letting your dog molest unsuspecting children. Shame, shame. 

My boy who is looking a lot less like a boy and a little more like a man. It's pretty fun talking about photography with him(don't forget to check out his blog from time to time: Simon Says). The Fujicolor bench was a happy coincidence. 

I gotta say, I sure do like it here. 

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