Sunday, June 04, 2017

Tama Zoo

This zoo is amazing! Would you believe, Americans, that it cost my entire family less than $14.00 to get into an amazing zoo?! They even have a bus to shuttle you to the highest point of the park so you could enjoy your day walking downhill rather than dragging screaming children uphill. We spent the entire day here and didn't manage to see it all. We will definitely go back. 

It was hard getting pictures of this guy through the window. We spent a good thirty minutes just hanging out at his house. He would sit at the window and stare at us as hard as we were staring at him. Anytime a girl would come up to get a picture with him, he would pucker his lips!! 

The baby orangutan was playing peek a boo. I want one. 

Whenever I see a little girl with red hair, I say to Sean, "That's what our daughter could look like." When I saw the baby orangutan, I had the same thought. 

This orangutan!! We were laughing so hard at his antics. 

This Koala house was a gift from Australia. It was amazing. SO much space for one little koala?? Maybe they had more and only one was on display. Either way, Australia has money to burn and I think we should all move there. 

I want one. 

This kangaroo was too cool. It would not have surprised me a bit if he'd pulled cigarettes from his pouch and lit one up. Is it just me or does everyone imagine Kangaroos have Australian accents?

All I could think of was the scene from Ace Ventura...

The Asian elephant was awesome to watch. When the zookeeper called his name, he went running to her like a puppy. 

The little guy in pink was cracking me up. The tiger was humongous and the first pass by the kid and he bolted to his mama. He got brave after a little exposure and every time the tiger paced by him, he erupted into giggles. 

This one. He's too cool and I don't take nearly enough pictures of him. He seems to be approaching those teenage years a bit quickly. Equal parts bad attitude and heart of gold. 

 This one has figured out if he does the peace fingers, Japanese people will take his picture. It's starting to go to his head a little bit. 

 Once upon a time(holy smokes, a DECADE ago!!!!!), I took a picture of the big two doing the exact same airplane arms thing. This was when Simon was 5 and Felix was 2 and I'm going to cry myself to sleep now. 

The butterfly house may have been our favorite part. Simon and I spent so much time taking pictures that we missed out on the African elephant and chimps. 

Titus...We argued over these Crocs. He insisted they were too ugly for him to wear. While I agree Crocs are ugly, they are necessary. When they started rubbing his foot raw, I gave him my socks. My socks were too girly. Japan doesn't have quite the same gender stereotypes as America when it comes to colors and clothing. He spent the rest of the day pointing out all the other boys who were wearing girly clothes like his girly socks(blue puma socks, by the way. Nothing girly or boyly about them).

By the time we made it to the "Africa" portion of the zoo, most of the animals were being put away for the day. A guy working with the Chimps opened up one window for us. They have garage door type shutters that close over the windows. This fella was peeking out from under the door waiting to see who was there. He was so much fun to sit and chat with.  

I want one. 

 I can honestly say it was the best time we've ever had at a zoo. 

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