Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Heiwanomori Park

I've been meaning to take the kiddos to this park since a friend told me about it. I somehow talked Sean into it. Even the waking-up-early-and-beating-traffic part. As navigator, I opted to take the scenic route vs the toll road again. I am a glutton for punishment. The map said 1 hr 5 min to go 26 miles. Ridiculous, right? No, ridiculous is taking that 1 hr 5 min and turning it into 3 hr 30 min only to find the address listed on the website was incorrect. Not just a little bit off, way off.

About an hour into the drive, I started grumbling and complaining(and possibly cussing under my breath). Sean was all, "Chill out. It's fine. We're in an air conditioned car. What is there to complain about?" I only wish I'd recorded him to play his own words back to him on the way home. When we entered the wrong ETC lane and didn't get a ticket. When we couldn't figure out where the flip we were going when we lost signal due to being in a tunnel. The man is hilarious when he gets animated.  Anyway, back to the park.

We finally found it and much to our delight, they had a statue there to honor all the parents who've made the ridiculous trek before.

Due to the traffic delay, all the mosquitoes in Japan had time to rally at said park and meet us there. Even so, the park was awesome. The boys had a blast. Much brotherly love was shown. Encouragement was given. Life lessons were demonstrated. 
Felix challenged Sean to a race when he was already over the second rung. Sean outsmarted him, but still didn't beat him. Probably because I was throwing encouraging/cautious phrases out like, "You need your arms to work! Don't break your legs! I'm not getting a job!" and the likes.
Sean had a bonding experience with this one. It was such a real life picture regarding trusting his father and the help a brother, someone who's already conquered the obstacle, can give. It was a beautiful moment. Sean wouldn't let him give up and Titus conquered a fear. I should add, his fear wasn't paddling this bucket around. It was a bigger obstacle than that. :D And he took every obstacle on after his life lesson with pure grit and determination. 

Somedays these kids wear me out. Somedays four feels like fifteen. Somedays I question why God didn't give me girls. Today was not one of those days. We had the park mostly to ourselves and we got to get dirty and sweaty and malaria-ridden together with these four awesome boys. I have been given so much more than I deserve. 

Our first real trip is coming up soon!! Soon, soon. Like, I need to start packing, soon. If anyone has suggestions for Nikko, throw 'em at me!

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