Friday, August 11, 2017

Hachioji Matsuri

My photo buddy and I hadn't taken any pictures lately, so a trip to see Geisha perform sounded awesome. Unfortunately, we missed the train by mere minutes and got to the performance a tad late. Evelyn elbowed her way in and got some amazing shots of the Geisha dancing. I got some shots after the show. Still fun, but I did grumble a bit about being pushed and shoved by half of Japan during the  performance. 

I love this shot of the cat kid above the crowd. LOVE it.
 The arm you see leaning against the tent...pushy old man literally stepped on me to get in front of me. He leaned against that pole and almost brought an entire tent down several times throughout the performance. 
 This was my actual view of the geisha. I could almost sort of see them if I squinted and tilted my head a bit. This reed curtain was hanging in my line of vision, blocking the entire show. 
 I got a few shots as the crowd cleared. Funny, everyone who'd trampled and shoved their way to the front suddenly remembered how to say "Sumimasen" when they needed to get out of the tight squeeze they'd gotten themselves in. 

 I hate that this one isn't super sharp. I love the lady's forced grin like, "Okay, lady. Drop the freakin' coin and move along." 

 Once the geisha cleared, this little float was pulled in. 
The creepy dragon lion was a huge hit. I assume the nibbling on the head is meant to be a blessing or something?

 Her little face, so adorable!
 Evelyn's turn! I couldn't pick my favorite, so I posted them all. 

 They switched out band members without missing a beat. They played for so long!
 Poor kid. Not all of them were so willing to approach the creature. 
 I love that he's offering up his sister. Their smiles are so beautiful. 
 I love how calm she was about the whole thing. Beautiful!
 ...& then there was this kid. :)
 Poor boy is never going to trust grandpa again. What a sweetheart. 
 This little guy really wanted a kiss or nibble or whatever. The dragon couldn't see him and he stood and knocked on the lanterns until he got his attention. 
 And this might be my favorite photo of the night. I regret that it's not a super sharp focus on the boys face, but I love it enough that I can't delete it. 
I can't believe I get to live here. I love the culture, even if I don't understand it all the way. The people are so fascinating and beautiful. I appreciate that they cherish their culture and put their own people first. I feel all countries should emulate their nationalism. I see nothing wrong with having pride in your own history and wanting to protect it. The Japanese have done a stellar job of it and I am happy to be a guest here. 

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