Thursday, August 03, 2017

Six months full

We have officially passed the six month mark of this Japanese adventure. I had half a post written on the subject and it felt weird and off, so I deleted the whole thing. I was having a down day and I probably complained a bit, so it was right to get rid of my ramblings. I was planning on ignoring the occasion, but somebody told me the other day that they enjoy reading my blog because it's genuine.

I may be a little too open at times, but I'd rather be real than sugar coat things. I don't do well with fake. Some days are crap and some days are amazing and if we don't acknowledge the one, we can't appreciate the other. 

Judelet and I were flipping through our memory book last night and I was convinced I need to start documenting the little things again. The seasons of life are flying by. These boys are turning into men way too quickly and the baby fat stage of our life is long gone. I really don't want to miss the in between. 

These last six months have meant the world to me. There have been the usual growing pains that come with drastic change, but over and over again I am reminded that this is a good thing. We are not here by mistake. God has a purpose for us here, even if that purpose was just a huge reset. Our perspective has changed, our goals have shifted, and the monkey wrench that was thrown into our path has been picked up and put to use rather than simply bemoaned. 

My best friend says that busy is a four letter word. That phrase resounds with me, so much. I do not want to complain about being busy. Especially when I choose 99% of the busy-ness. I can't complain about what I do to myself. All that to say, our schedules have never been so full. As I type, I'm eating a bowl of cereal over the keyboard as I scramble between functions. 

I was given the opportunity to photograph Sean's squadron in action. It was amazing and I felt super lucky to be a fly on the wall. It felt a tad like I was in some version of take-your-wife-to-work day. I  must say after what I witnessed today, the medical profession has to be some kind of calling. I seriously wanted to throw up at the sights and sounds of what was the most basic medical procedure. 

As a way to keep my gag reflex in check, I was focusing on the work being done around me. Holy smokes, it's like a well oiled machine. Not a machine. Like an orchestra. All these separate parts and pieces coming together to focus on one thing: the patient. It was beautiful and I honestly got a tiny bit choked up. Seeing all these people truly, truly focused on the well being of this patient. It was a humbling experience and I'm glad I got to see it. 

I get to do Right Start on a weekly basis with a friend. It's a class that you have to attend when you get to Yokota. Kind of a one stop shop to see what goes on around here. I appreciated it when I attended and I love it now that I get to serve a role there. It's just a few minutes, once a week. I get to stand back and watch all these new arrivals and then basically invite them to be my friend via PWOC. PWOC is Protestant Woman of the Chapel, because...acronyms. It's women's bible studies (and breakfast and free childcare and events and retreats and friendships!). 

I'm doing ESL classes with my Japanese ladies twice a month. A standing breakfast with friends once a week. All the boys are in swim lessons, on different days, at different times. The older two go to youth group events on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The bigs are still cutting grass. I have a women's Bible study and then a separate study I go to with Sean, both are on Wednesdays. In addition to all of that, there's the daily-ness of life. Maintaining friendships and building new friendships and trying to get new folks acclimated and brought into the fold. All of the kids have their own agendas and friendships. The personal quiet time, playing, fighting, cleaning, grocery shopping, date nights, one on one time with kids. It's mass chaos, really, but a good kind of chaos. 

I put off starting school with the boys until the 21st. Simon is going into NINTH grade and Felix is going into sixth. The two of them are going to continue with Liberty Online. Titus is going into third grade and back to good ole classic homeschooling. Jude is finally interested in the whole learning thing and has been going through some workbooks civilly, having not eaten a single page. I'm glad I didn't push the issue last year. His writing is awesome and he sometimes is on board with listening and what not. My plan was to start them on Aug1, but I was convinced climbing Mt Fuji would be an experience I will not regret. So I'm doing that in a few weeks because climbing volcanoes seems to be the thing to do around here. 

I've never had a jam packed schedule. I may burn out, I may not. Time will tell. I do know that I'm liking this, for now. The days I don't have scheduled to a T are the days I get homesick. When I have time on my hands, I get antsy to talk to my people back in the States who most likely wouldn't appreciate a call in the middle of their night. 

This post has taken me all day to write in one sentence increments here and there. My eyes are only still open because Sean took the older two on a hike and they have yet to return.* Good times, good times. The last six months have brought some form of adventure every single day. These few months have been crazy and hard and busy, but mostly full. A friend from Langley arrived a few weeks ago and in a little note of encouragement, I wrote down the verse Acts 17:26. I would've punched someone in the face(kidding, kidding) for offering up that verse to me during the move, but I've grown. I've adjusted and accepted that Japan is my boundary and it's not by any great cosmic happenstance. 

I don't have the time hop thing on Facebook because my ticker can't take that on a regular basis. Every once in a while I like to take my own leisurely walk down memory lane to see how we've grown. Look at these boys just one year ago!! And two years ago, geez. We'd only just gotten moved in to our house in Virginia. This picture makes me want to beg Sean for another half dozen babies. Or at least another puppy.

*They're home now and Simon got some AMAZING pictures on their 7 hour hike. I think the hike was a bit more than they expected, but I love that he takes three forms of camera every where he goes. 

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"[...] hasn't eaten a single page"! ¡Ja ja ja! Oh, my! I laughed out loud at that statement. This rite of passage CLEARLY indicates he is ready for school!