Tuesday, August 08, 2017

T, 3rd Grade

It's that time again. School is coming. I am wishy washy about starting. I regret not starting earlier on one hand, but on the other, we are wringing every last drop that we can out of summer. 
 This boy starts 3rd grade, maybe tomorrow. The one program with a hard start date has not confirmed whether tomorrow is a go or not. The time difference is affecting a few things, but it's not a  huge deal. 
 He will be doing Veritas Press for History and Bible. Teaching Textbooks for math. First Language Lessons and Fix It Grammar for Language Arts. Science we ordered six weeks ago and is caught somewhere in the mail system. Those are the basics of what we'll be working through this year. A bit more classical education thrown in there this go around. He's also signed up for specials at the public school. Last year they were a bit hit or miss. I'm anxious to see how they go this year and am hoping they are a huge hit. I'm excited to get back to the grind with this guy. The one on one time with him is much needed. 
 Today, I took Titus and Jude just up the street for some back to school pictures. The older two responded with gnashing of teeth and huffing of breath when I so much as mentioned pictures. I told them we would go tomorrow when it's ten degrees hotter. Showed them! 
 Until I got out there and remnants of the typhoon saturated me. Not with rain, mind you, with thick, nasty, suffocating humidity. I appreciated the cloud cover until is disappeared right about the time I raised the camera to my eye. The squinting and the sweating made for a not-at-all-how-I-envisioned-it photoshoot, but I got a few keepers anyhow. 
 My goal for the year is to get this fella to fall in love with reading. He is following in Simon's footsteps and does not love the idea of sitting still long enough to become engrossed in a good story. 
 He's the one that is always ready for the next thing. He never wants to miss out on anything. He's nosy and inquisitive and asks a bazillion questions a day. He nevereverever takes no for an answer, which I hope turns out to be a good thing. 
 I can't believe he's in third grade.

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Anonymous said...

I have a third grader who isn't into reading (unless it's non-fiction) either. Last year he loved fiction.

Anonymous said...

Above comment from Hope. :) :) :)