Monday, September 25, 2017


We went camping. It was fun but stupid expensive, considering. The Japanese can set up a camp. It looked like a small settlement more than a campground. We felt like the odd man out with our normal sized tents and lack of full outdoor kitchen. We took the dogs with us, also not smart. They charged for the tents(we rented 2 small ones vs 1 big one--ever shared a tent with 4 boys?), the car, per person, and the dogs. What would've cost maybe $15 in the States ended up costing about $70(which didn't include all the camping gear we rented as ours sits molding over in storage somewhere in America).

But check out that spot! Absolutely gorgeous. I would've been okay with more than six inches between us and the fellas that set up next to us, but no biggie. Allllll that empty space and they wanted to snuggle up with the ones with kids + dogs. 

With a dog as cute as this, though, of course they wanted to be neighbors.

Ootake Caverns was just up the hill. Not as impressive looking as the limestone caverns in Okutama, but they were there and entrance was cheap.

A spontaneous hug from Jude, a skeptical look and steadying hand from Titus. I don't blame him. 

 There were also several waterfalls close to the campsite. 
 Unfortunately, most of them were beyond this sign. I'm almost certain this sign was made by a bear. We did not have our bear bells as pictured, and every Japanese person we crossed paths with did. We told the kids to make as much noise as they wanted. 
 Back at the campsite, we did all the normal camping stuff. 

 Jude didn't understand why I wouldn't let him in the river. "I rolled UP my PANTS-UGH." 

All in all, a good run through for what we need and don't need for camping here. Next time, we'll go a little further out--and remember to bring the bear bells. 

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