Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Felix is 12

He's our thinker. He's a feeler. He's a worrier. He's been through some growing pains lately and has made a stupid decision or two, but he's usually got the best head on his shoulders.

He's slow to speak, because he thinks before he speaks-like his dad. He's a little skittish around new people and it takes a while for him to get super comfy. He takes things very personally-like his ma. 

He is my tech-y, gamer, gadget kid. He works hard with little complaint. 

He is my reader and devours books. He is a homebody.
He loveloveloves Japan, but still talks of Ohio as if it's home. He is a big fan of sushi and trying new foods. 

He's our boy who's eyes have always taken up most of his face. His curls and dimples slay me. I told him today, "Those curls are going to get you a pretty wife someday." 

What can I say about him that I haven't already said? I went digging for old pictures and now I am forlorn that he is growing up so fast. 

I made this video a hundred years ago, when he turned 5. Look at that beautiful baby! 
Feefs is 5 from Chrissy Amport on Vimeo.

Six, Seven, Eight, Ten, Eleven

For birthday number 12, I thought we'd skirt by with all the fun things we did over Labor Day Weekend. We spent 2 nights in Tokyo. We went camping. He got to go to Fuji Q with the youth group at church. Apparently, none of that counts in the mind of a 12 year old because it wasn't on his actual birthday. Take notes. This kid can milk a birthday. Believe you me, I am taking thorough notes myself. This morning he got me. "I want to have a pool party," he says. To which I replied with the above paragraph. "But I finally have enough friends to have a birthday party." *sigh* I get it, kid.

Sean also decided we should take him into Tokyo, just the two of us since we did that with Titus on his birthday. I picked Akihabara. It's famous for electronics and it seemed right up his alley. Akihabara is now at the bottom of my list for places to go in Tokyo. A lovely man wandered up to us while we were looking at the map, waiting on a light to change. I thought he was being kind when he asked, "Where are you going?" When I showed him on my phone, he took it from me and walked off, waving his hand to indicate we should follow him. I should've known when he started talking to his arm that he probably wasn't altogether normal. So we followed him and he led us to the restaurant we were aiming for. He didn't scurry off after that. He started rocking back and forth and patting his belly. "I am very hungry," he said. "Oh...do you want to eat sushi with us?" I asked. "No, no. Money."

Ah. Got it. Unfortunately, I had no small yen to give him. The smallest bill in Japan is 1000 yen(a little less than ten bucks). 100 and 500 yen are coins. I had used(wasted) all my 100, 500 yen on claw machines because Felix was certain he could win the helicopter. He didn't. So I pulled a 1,000 yen out of my wallet at the exact same time Sean pulled 1000 yen out of his wallet and I'll be durned if that little man didn't take both and walk off with a skip in his step like a dang leprechaun. We were totally gaijin'ed. I hope he ate well last night.

We did have fun walking around and poking in all the electronics stores and arcades. Japan does arcades very, very well. We went into Yodobashi Camera and found the biggest toy store I've ever been in. It was fun to wander and focus on this kid.

This might be my favorite picture of him ever! Nothing spectacular photography-wise, but makes my mama heart happy. 

Happy Birthday to my Feefs. 

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