Monday, October 02, 2017

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant

I went digging for pictures after this boy's promotion the other day. I didn't remember how young he was when he joined CAP. I certainly didn't remember how young he looked. He promoted from Airman to Chief in a little over 2 years and just took over command at the Yokota Squadron as their Superintendent. I had to look all of that up because I am still clueless about how it all works. I only know to show up with my camera and stifle my sobs in the corner every time I am invited to an event.   He makes us so, so proud. 

August 2015:

December 2015:

Ooph. Hug your boys, Mamas. They turn into young men way too quick. 


We talked this chucklehead into joining, too. It'll be interesting to watch. 

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