Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Camping at Yamanaka-ko

Lake Yamanaka is one of the five lakes around Mount Fuji. Getting there was a bit of a debacle, as always. I went the wrong way on the highway-again-and paid a double toll-again. 

The campground was not exactly what the guy at Outdoor Rec(a shop here on base where we rent outdoor stuff)said it would be, but at least there was an English speaking employee!! We managed to get the last campsite available. There was no view of Mount Fuji from the campground, but we stumbled upon a parking lot at sunset and...

 It's not as majestic without the snowcap, but still a super impressive site. 

Simon wanted to go back the next morning for sunrise pictures and who am I to tell the lad no? We got up at 5 and headed back to the same parking lot. Fog. Lots and lots of fog. 
The fog started to break TWO HOURS later. We didn't wait for a crystal clear sky as I realized I had the only lighter for the campfire. Oopsie.

 Thankfully, all these chuckleheads were still asleep when we returned.  

Poor little Rubes doesn't love the cold. It got down into the upper 40s. On our last trip, I overpacked. I decided we didn't need six whole sleeping bags this time. Not the smartest decision on my part. 

 She sure does love her boys. 
 The skeptical one was sitting right in a ray of sunshine. He cracks me up. 

I so love these shots that Simon took before we packed up and headed home. Sean was letting the boys karate chop the kindling. 

 This boy loves his daddy. 
 I mean, really. Any man who is willing to tuck the most aggravating half Chihuahua on the planet into his coat...that's a good man. 
 I don't know that I'd highly recommend this campground. It was a nice enough campground, but given the views from the other lakes, I doubt we'll go to this exact spot again.

It would be a good place for a large group, so in case anyone is interest:
Kumi is who you want to speak to!

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