Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Gingko Tunnel

Autumn is upon us! A few days ago, I was itching to bolt for the hills in search of tinged maple leaves. All the websites I found said, "Wait." No reports of peak colors, just yet. I jumped the gun with Sakura blooms and was disappointed time and again. I promised myself I wouldn't do that with Fall colors. I held firm until my camera buddy texted with an invite to a local park.

I overlook Showa Park. It's local, how awesome can it be? Um, very awesome, actually. I don't know why I overlook it so. Perhaps it's the $8 to park, $8 to get in, $11 to rent bikes, $infinity kids seem to spend on food.

Anyway, Evelyn and I went yesterday and ran our little ones ragged. Today I decided to go back with all the boys+camera in tow. I found the Gingko Tunnel and went a lil nuts. It wasn't terribly crowded, so we found our spot and I clicked away.

There was arguing and shoving and throwing leaves in each others face. There was bribery and threats. There was a, "He made me swallow a rock!" and several, "No, I didn'ts," but these pictures were so worth it. Every time I peeked out from behind my camera, another Japanese photographer was taking pictures of my kids. I'm not sure if it's because they're adorable, American, or obnoxious but...

This kid...

 & this one looking especially dapper and grown up in his Isaac hand-me-down. 

The thing about gingko trees is that the leaves come with nasty little vomit bullets. They're squishy orange balls that seriously smell like vomit. They get all up in your shoes and leaf piles. Hence the cringing of Titus' face. 

 The older two weren't so much into picture time today. Bribery only goes so far...

After pictures, I made good on one portion of bribery, the giant marshmallow. I love it. These two drive each other absolutely insane. The bickering! Yet when given the chance to play with all of Southern Japan that was gathered at the marshmallow, they stick with each other. 

"Ma! Don't let anything happen to me!" He's a little hesitant on the ropes. 

 The yellow was so beautiful!

I asked for one more shot. Sometimes I push it one shot too far, but this time I'm glad I did. Not as gorgeous as the Gingko shots, but ones that let me see maybe they do like each other a little. 

 You can see Jude's wheels turning. He's thinking about how he can annoy three brothers at once. 

He somehow got Titus in on the action. 

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