Monday, October 09, 2017

Two kids

More often than not lately, the big two seem to have their own schedules and agendas that leave us short two for family trips. On this particular day(Labor Day), Simon and Felix got to go to Fuji Q with the youth group. As Yokosuka--a Navy base with a better Exchange than ours--tends to have awesome sales on holidays, I suggested we take a trip down and do some shoe shopping. Given the tolls and time it takes to get there, we added a few other stops to the list. 

We took the littles to Enoshima Aquariaum. So much fun and just big and entertaining enough to be enough. The dolphin show was the highlight of our trip, for sure. 
 These beauties were on their way out in the parking lot. I figured a few shots would make the cost to park worth it. Not exactly the field of sunflowers I was hoping for, with majestic Fuji in the background, but pretty nonetheless. 

 After a dismal shopping experience at Yokosuka(seriously, they had no-thing on sale. I was so ticked), we decided to wander. My mood doesn't do well with trips I deem wasted. With camera in tow, we set off to the docks to see if we could get a closer view of some very fancy boats we saw on the way in. 

We passed a carrier and few other gray, rusty ships that I won't even pretend to know the name of, but these bikes caught my eye. 
 Jude's choice of shorts and high socks has become somewhat of a signature look. I'm too lazy to hunt down low socks, so it is what it is. 

 We decided to wander until someone told us not to. 
 (I feel bad for whichever seaman's office this is. I bet it's the chaplains.)
 I love everything about this set of pictures. The bike basket was full of coffee drinks. What's not to love?! As much as I enjoy taking pictures of Japan and all that it has to offer, there's nothing I love more than a picture of my boys in which I can hear what they're saying. This picture is one of those that will transport me back to this exact moment years from now. There was nothing special about the day or the place...the only thing special was the boys.


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