Wednesday, November 22, 2017


God is working on my heart when it comes to being content. I accidentally had some heart overspill pour out of my mouth when barking at one of my kids. I was trying to connect their brainwaves with reality in regards to their Christmas wish list.

"It doesn't matter if there isn't a single present on Christmas. We have so much crap we are literally tripping over STUFF.  We are privileged and we are blessed and Christmas is about Jesus, not presents. It's not about getting, it's about being!"

Oopsie. I had to shut up as I had turned into the pot. Or the kettle. Or maybe both? Either way, the words that tumbled out convicted me. In this world of posting a picture of every experience(guilty), bragging under the guise of informing(also guilty), and especially here where everyone is going on vacations and then everyone else copies said's hard to be content. It's hard to just BE. To sit still and take in all the daily-ness.

All the while my boys are turning into big kids and young men. I found this little reminder the other day.

When my parents were here, we packed in a ton, but everything felt normal. Like it used to. Thanks to my rockstar of a husband taking over all the meals, I was able to be present. Having my parents around felt like home and the way things should be. Perhaps coming just before the holidays compounded the homesickness. I would give my left arm to hug my sister right now. Although it would be an awkward hug, with just the one arm and all.

We had Thanksgiving when my parents were here. I didn't even take any pictures. I asked Simon to take some on his phone. Of 22 snapshots, 4 have our faces in them. One photo makes me look 800 pounds. The rest are of his plate of food, my arm scooping food, the counter full of food, even the raw, naked turkey. That kid + food...I have no idea how he has a negative BMI. He is so freaking lucky.

Anyways, I'm blathering. I had a point to this post. I was listening to Christmas music today and heard the last line of this verse and it struck me that I've never really heard it before.
  1. Yet with the woes of sin and strife
    The world has suffered long;
    Beneath the angel strain have rolled
    Two thousand years of wrong;
    And man, at war with man, hears not
    The love-song which they bring;
    Oh, hush the noise, ye men of strife
    And hear the angels sing.

    It stuck with me. How often, in my discontent, does my strife block out...everything? I'm missing the love-song. I'm missing the music of angels. So I'm working on it as God is working on me. 

    Tomorrow, instead of thinking about our families back home celebrating, I'm going to be content in the here and now. Not focusing on the way things used to be, should be or thinking about the future. No grumbling, no strife, no discontent. No what's next. No what are they doing or where are they going. I truly believe what we are thankful for matters less than to whom we are thankful. I want to focus on true thanksgiving.  I want to hush the noise.

    I want to hear the angels sing. 

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