Saturday, January 20, 2018


A year ago today we were leaving Virginia. 

We went up to Okutama a few weeks ago to have some fun with a new camera lens. Unfortunately, the little valley was already in the shadows as the sun started to set. It was flippin' cold! Zoom in to see the outtakes in more detail. There's some pretty good stuff in there. Simon's faces. Sean's eyelids frozen open. Jude's crazy eyes. 

I have another post coming for our Japanniversary, but I can't quite stomach some of my own words. I am super, super homesick this week, so all of these pictures don't fill my heart with love for Japan. It is a beautiful place, but so is the moon and I don't want to live there either(that's one of my dad's lines :)).

I really just want to go home.  

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