Tuesday, February 06, 2018

High Five

I got away with keeping it a secret from all my people until I made it to America. Our family finally knows(assuming Sean has made the calls from Japan...). Now the rest of the world can know. Baby number 5 is healthy and strong and due early August. Tonight, we found out what we're having thanks to all the old lady bloodwork I had done. My doctor called all the way from Japan. 

Since I'm so good at keeping secrets, I think I'll hang onto that one a bit longer. If you know, please don't let on on any forms of social media as I want to have a bit more fun with those who don't. :)

It seems we were just meant to have five. 

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Sister and Aunt Danielle Amport said...

Congrats to you all.. lol; )
I'm sooo happy for you and I'm REALLY keeping my hopes up for a niece��.. tho you've got the boy thing figured out�� I could imagine shed never date with dad n 4 big brothers..oh my. I can't wait to find out..(feel free to pm me��)
BUT healthy and happy either way!
How cool that u got you come home to share the news. Will the baby be born in Japan then? When is ur time up there?
Soon I'm going to be able to travel (GMA is on hospice) and I would love to come visit and reconnect, WHEREVER you guys are��
I REALLY NEED family in my life and would love to see all your little ones that ARNT so little anymore and meet the new baby. A lot of my daughter's friends are having babies and I'm even about to be a kind of step grandma (Aaron's daughter is due in 12 weeks..my kids 1/2 sister.. we havnt been close in a long time.. but my fingers are crossed things might change)
Oh my.. I'm so sorry.. this is a LONG. slightly off topic, comment.. sorry
BUT I'm very happy for your new addition and wish you the best!
I'M looking forward to the (pink??) updates�� take care����