Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Jude, 5

1 week: Rockville, MD
 1 year old: Dayton, OH
 2 years old: Gloucester, VA
 3 years old: Gloucester, VA
 4 years old: Musashimurayama, Tokyo, Japan
 5 years old: Musashimurayama, Tokyo, Japan
 I'd really like to take some dressier, fancier pictures of him, but he's not having it these days. He's the most uncooperative photo subject of them all. 
 Simon managed to catch this one. :) 
The littlest is five. Instead of languishing in "how can it beeeeeeee?" I'll document. The thing I love best about little boys is how quickly they can go from the Tasmanian Devil to sweet as sugar in no time. How completely inappropriate they can be while remaining oblivious to their own humor. He has officially reached the age that I must have a pen and paper on hand at all times. Somehow, this one has developed a southern accent. Just enough to add unnecessary syllables. 

Thus, 5 quotes at 5.

Walking by the dinner table: "Is this a new table curtain?!" I will never again call it a table cloth.


Noticing an ad in the bedding aisle: "Why would anybody be that excited to get new sheets?" The woman was smiling awfully big.


In the midst of a discussion about Jesus' substitutionary death being sufficient because He was fully man, I was explaining to the older boys, not realizing he was listening, that Jesus understood the temptations of being human. He was tempted, he suffered, yet he never sinned. Any other sacrifice wouldn't have been sufficient. Not a goat or a sheep or a cow, I explained. He pipes up from the back seat with, "How would a cow save us? They don't even wear pay-unts."


Some sweet friends of his made him the cutest UP inspired birthday card and included a little Carl character tsum tsum toy. Apparently he hasn't seen UP enough to know who Carl is, but he was excited about him nonetheless. "Look what Thu-thelia made me!" he shouted, shoving the card at Felix. "And I got a old may-un! He even has a cane!!"


After playing with some other little girl friends of his, he asked me, "When can Audrey and Molly have a sleepover? I'll sleep on the ground and they can sleep in my bed."

"Girls and boys don't have sleepovers unless they're married," I replied.

"Uuuuuugh, fine! I'll marry Audrey. Where do kids go to get married?"

Simon at 5: 
 Felix at 5:
 Titus at 5:
I can't decide which brother he looks like the most...

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