Saturday, April 21, 2018

Jude's too-se

My baby boy is talking with more of a lisp than usual. 

 Imp. Going to frame this one. 

I thought perhaps the grandmas and aunties would want be part of his first lost too-se. It's the little things. I don't believe I've taken this many pictures of such an occasion before,'s Jude. I should add for memory's sake, he was the bravest of all the boys when it came to the horrors of losing his "firth toose." There was a bit of "ow"-ing it up for a day or two before hand, but he woke me up with the crows at the crack of dawn one morning. Very matter-o-factly, "My toose came out." No blood, no tears, no need for string or slamming doors or any of the others solutions his big brothers' suggested.  I can't figure out how something as tiny as a 5 year old tooth can change a kid so drastically. His whole face looks different now. Growing up too fast, this one.

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