Sunday, April 01, 2018

Project Life, album 2

I don't have much to say on here these days. I just edited 2 months worth of photos as my go to printing site is about to dump all of my photos. They don't tend to hold on to thousands and thousands of photos if you don't order regularly. Along my editing way, I found the other pictures I took of my 2017 album. I'm pretty proud of this big book of little things. Now that the newness of Japan has worn off and the joy of living here isn't what it was during the honeymoon phase, it's good to flip through and be reminded that there is much more to it than awful, awful traffic and pushy crowds.

It's fun to watch the beginning of friendships that are now in full bloom. 

It's fun to think about the people who have already moved on and the trips to places we've checked of the list. 

It's fun to remember, "Oh yeah. I did that."

Man, have we grown this year.

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