Sunday, April 01, 2018

Project Life, album 3

The final album of 2017:

This one may be my favorite because of all the stuff. I have a drawer in my office full of stuff. We have no real storage in our home, but we have an overabundance of small drawers. They aren't wide enough for actual paper, but they do a jam up job of holding junk. In every previous house, we've always had a singular junk drawer. Maybe a bathroom junk drawer. Here, every drawer is a junk drawer. I have one specifically designated for things that may eventually end up in our family album. I'd love to use them as filler with the pictures that correlate to the event, but I am usually so far behind with shoving pictures into sleeves that I tend to forget all the stuff I have to go with them. Thus, a pocket full of park entry tickets and brochures and kid drawings and maps and cards and...

It's all important to me. I am so glad I have somewhere to put it all. :)

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