Sunday, April 01, 2018

Sakura season, part 1

I say part 1 because those babies are still all a-bloom. There will be more pictures. There will most definitely be more pictures. The kiddos and I have been pounding the streets on the prowl for pink flowers. They are most unwilling to pose, but the few I've bribed/threatened/cajoled them into haven't turned out half bad. They aren't altogether lovely either, but I am not one to give up easily. 

Last Sakura season:

This Sakura season:

Ooph, look how they've grown. Simon and Felix both have lost all the boyish looks of childhood. The looks my aspiring photographer son gives me through the lens. Oi.

I thought I'd be nice to them this year and let them go for a quick snapshot as is. No dressing up needed for base sakura, only off base sakura. As I'd already dragged them a few places by the time I remembered I wanted this shot again, I said lets go and tried not to look at how they were dressed. Jude was on his fifth pair of shoes for the day. He's big on changing shoes lately. I'm glad he was in water shoes and not snow boots, at least. He wanted to bring his bike. So we brought his bike. They wanted to bring the dogs, we brought the dogs. 

And still no genuine smiles until this:
Spoiler alert: she didn't fit in the basket and with the attempt to bonsai the dog into the shape of a bike basket, picture time came to a swift end. :)

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