Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sewing for baby

I've said it before, but let me reestablish that I don't really know what I'm doing. If enthusiasm and gusto count for anything, then I'm a master at this free motion quilting thing. 

With the rainbow quilt, I thought about quilting a simple design like clouds. My brain went from clouds to raindrops to a full blown: I shall declare the glory of the Heavens in THREAD. As it turns out, clouds probably would've been sufficient, but I wouldn't have loved this scrap a fabric as much as I do. The rainbow is jacked. up. I tried to trace a bowl, but my fabric pencil wouldn't show up on the material. I tried to create a protractor with a ruler and string and that contraption didn't even make it past the thinking phase.

In the end, I said, "Screw it," grabbed that sucker up and stuck it under the needle. All the while my gal pal was egging me on. Encouraging me for jumping in with both feet. I was super proud of my creation until I saw a properly quilted quilt on Instagram the next day. I'm not usually one to overly compare, but it was a rainbow themed quilt with proper rainbows sandwiching the fabrics perfectly. 

My gal pal reminded me that it cost said quilting hero a minimum of $140 to have it done for her. I jacked my quilt up all on my own for free. I call it "primitive," but even the hand quilters of yore stitched perfect arches by candlight. 

In addition to the rainbow, there is a pair of sparrows. These I traced onto press and seal, because Pinterest said I should. 

A sun...

& clouds. 

As always, I learned a lot on this quilt. 

 Once upon a time, I said, "If I ever have a girl, I'll learn to sew clothes." Ta-da. My encouraging gal pal talked me through the first one and corrected several mistakes. The second two I did on my own, fixing my own many errors. 

The second finished quilt. After my rainbows, I decided to quilt this one with simple straight lines. 

I am currently on a break from baby quilting as I have a massive project, which is actually five separate projects, underway. I would like to add: if you know how to sew, teach someone. I can't wait until my daughter is in her mama's very own Home-Ec class. The boys have shown zero interest, but I do plan to teach them to sew a straight seam, at the very least. Boys ought to know how to hem their own pants or make a pillow case, if nothing else. And my daughter, she will be taught all of her mother's tricks, to include doing things wholeheartedly in an attempt to learn along the way.

I can't wait to show her her quilts. :)

I have 3 more baby quilt tops(with more already planned in my head) finished and waiting to be basted, quilted, and bound. I do realize she will have quite a heap of linens, but what else am I to put in her overabundance of blanket baskets? 

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