Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ten on Tuesday

I haven't done a random post in quite a while. I've got a kid down due to a (hopefully quick) stomach bug and the rest are outside, hoping not to get it. As my uber services aren't needed just yet and I've very quickly fallen out of love with sewing after a quilt turned out not as envisioned, I will type.

1-It seems blogging is a dying trend, but I'm just not there yet. I have too much to say. This is the only venue in which I am not interrupted. Nobody knocks me off this soapbox. Nobody cuts in. No back talk. No eye rolls(that I have to witness-I am full certain I get eye rolls). I get to say whateeeeever my heart desires and no one says boo about it. It's every parent of teenagers dream.

2-On that note, it's the creepiness of being wide open with my life that I don't like. I was naive when I started doing this thing over a decade ago. It's not so much the creepy perverts that could be reading as it is a handful of people I no longer wish privy to my innermost thoughts. It keeps me guarded. No...really. This is me, guarded. Nobody would like my unguarded thoughts or continue in things like friendship or marriage if I removed my whole filter. I mentioned it to Sean and he said, "Why not let them see? What's better than evidence of a life well lived when someone wishes you'd fall flat on your face?" And that's how we've made it 17 years and counting. :)

3-Switching gears. I had the chance to go to Kyoto a few weeks ago. The geisha didn't seem to appreciate my camera. Hey, ya dress up and paint yer face, expect tourists to do touristy things. I got no "chee-suh." I got lots of colored shadows thanks to their umbrellas, but not a super clear, perfectly Kyoto-esque shot.
 If I wasn't so lazy, I'd edit that van out of the picture...

4-I finally caved and bought some maternity pants. I had one pair I got on my trip to FL in February. One pair wasn't cutting it. I went to H&M here as they have a decent selection of maternity clothes. Funny thing. Their S really means AS, Asian Small. Asian Small is not the same as American Small. Asian Medium and Asian Large also don't even come close. I left defeated and ordered some things from GAP. Gap shipped fast, but now I can't get the return slip to recognize our address to send one thing back that most definitely does not match the picture. They. Are. Hideous. It's the little daily aggravations that make living here super fun. The mail. THE MAIL. Which leads me to...

5-A super talented and amazingly generous friend sent me a piece of original art. She sent me a box with art pieces before Christmas that never made it. This time, she sent an envelope and it made it in pretty decent time. The envelope was labeled, "DO NOT BEND" and highlighted. As I saw it crammed and folded into my mailbox, I may or may not have exclaimed, "IDIOTS! IT SAYS 'DO NOT BEND!" I didn't realize how loud I was or account for the echo of the post office. I didn't think about it being 5 o'clock, the busiest time of day at the post office. I didn't take in how long the package pick up line was at first glance. It was the sudden silence that got my attention. I looked up to find an audience to my lil outburst. I was a tiny bit embarrassed, but it started the postal tragedy stories from other folks. Apparently, a whole lot of mail was ruined by someones essential oils order. The oils broke and spilled over an entire pallet of packages, making the address labels unreadable. Perhaps that's where our missing Christmas packages went...? All you oil hippies need to hold your liquids! I'm totally kidding. I have liquids leaking their way through the postal system as I type. 

6- Sakura season is officially over. Next year, our last Sakura season here(praise God from whom all blessings flow), I plan to get some family pictures done(with baby and baby daddy included). A friend took these:
 Thank you, Evelyn!!!

7- Another friend (Thank you, Sophie!!!) took these: Sean does exist, just not in family photos. Maybe once we leave Japan(praise God from whom all blessings flow), he'll reappear in family photos. I didn't even ask him to take family pictures. I should remind him of that so I can bank wife points. The lovely blooms make folks with allergies want to stab their own eyes out. Given the lack of forks here in Japan...you can understand their frustration. I have never in my life had allergies, but there were some days I wanted to scratch my nose off my face. I was like, "What is this? I don't like this feeling. Why does the inside of my nose ITCH all the way to my brain stem?!" 

8- My friend, Evelyn took this one, too: I am officially, 22 weeks, I think? I may only be 21 and change. I have an app that tells me super helpful things(i.e. your baby is the size of a banana), but I don't know that it's entirely accurate and I see the doctor pretty infrequently, so I'm mostly guessing about everything. I had an ultrasound and everything looked good, but because I'm old and some measurements weren't taken, I get another one. 

Baby girl likes food. She is super active when I eat, first thing in the morning, and late at night. We're 99% settled on her name. I'm gonna keep it a secret from most, especially my family. My dad's gonna hate it. I gave my sister the clue, "It is biblical and starts with S." My sister went to guessing it and I was super excited to see just how far past normal she reached. Anything I pick will be better than what she guessed(Shalom). She also guessed Selah, which is adorable, but not the one. It is also not Sakura in case anyone was heading for their concordance. 

Her middle name was going to be Japanese, but we're not altogether settled on that. We won't live in Japan forever(praise God from whom all blessings flow) and I don't know that I should saddle her with two names that'll make people go, "Huh?" 

9- I took these of the knuckleheads: 
 ONE PICTURE APART. All he wanted was to be in charge of Ruby. Oh, he's gonna love this big brother gig. 

10- At another location. I'd dragged them out of bed early for this next set. The blossoms were about a day past their peak and the kids totally ruined what should've been a peaceful morning by the river. They'd probably claim I'm the one who ruined it, but they're liars and this is my blog. I spent a good part of this particular morning talking with my Texas Therapists. :) It's always nice to vent to people who get it and who have teenage boys. 

This one is so them right now. Titus checking his spike. Jude aggravating a big one. He aggravated them both right into a legit smile, so I count it a win.

 Ah, that glorious 6:30 a.m. light...

Well, that ended up being longer than I planned. I couldn't stop once I started uploading pictures. :) Enjoy!

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