Monday, May 21, 2018

Mother's Day in Tokyo

We spent a night in Tokyo at the New Sanno for Mother's Day. It's easy. We opted for the shuttle bus that carries us from Yokota down into the belly of the beast because I hate driving in Tokyo. We figured New Sanno would be jammed because of their Mother's Day buffet and it might make parking an issue. We assumed correctly as I've never seen the place so crowded. 

We had almost canceled our reservation as we had a beach trip planned for the latter half of the week. "Nah," I reasoned. It's a good chance to get away and it's not that much money." Little did I know...

We didn't do much. We dined at my favorite burger joint, a short walk from the hotel with a Starbucks conveniently located on the route back. I finally tried the cherry burger and it totally lived up to the hype. We beat the lunch rush by just a few minutes and the place filled up around us. I'm glad to say we were able to entertain quite a few patrons just by giving them something to look at. The boys earned mega bonus points by being charming, polite, and agreeable throughout the entire meal. 

I always love to hear, "Ichi, ni, san..." I'm like, it's YON, people. Yon. No need to count them individually, out loud. Take a good look, they aren't multiplying. And then they spy with a, "Oooooh!" that I'm pregnant and I have to tell my thoughts to pipe down; there's no room for my arguments in their observations. 

After grabbing a coffee, we decided to people watch and wait for our room to be ready. I people watched, the men folk car watched. 

Once we got all checked in, all the kids wanted to do was go swimming. Have I mentioned that we have a pool on base? That's free? It worked well with my agenda to do nothing. Sean took them to the pool and I took a nap. As we were in Tokyo, I assumed a nice dinner would follow. The boys wanted Lawson(non Japan residents, that's basically gas station food that's awesome-you really can't know unless you know). Of course. No worries, I had a reason for room service. Room service at New Sanno is still more thrifty than any Tokyo restaurants, so it was a win in my book. 

After dinner, Sean offered to go find me chocolate. He came back to the room with a huge bag. "You know how they package things. Can you believe they wrapped chocolate in this big of a bag?"

He got me a purse from the gift shop/Navy Exchange. It was about then that I started making jokes about the cost of this "cheap" getaway. Again...little did I know. But, awwwwwww. He even knew to get me a crossbody bag. I love it!! 

I decided to hop into the other room and make sure no blood had been shed. The kiddos were happy as clams in their man cave. The room smelled of fart and testosterone, yet I lingered for a picture(or 20). 

To think I almost deleted this one! This is real life. Fighting over a rubber pile of goo from the gift shop that they talked one of their sucker parents into(hint: it wasn't me). 

It was hilarious, though. We had to wait in the lobby of the hotel for a bit longer after lunch as the room still wasn't ready for us. Titus spotted it, "It's only $3! Please?!" If you know Titus, you know his earnest campaign for the $3 goo did not end there. "Don't cave," I warned the soft one. "I mean it. It'll be broken or covered in hair within 5 minutes of purchase." 

He persisted. Even silently, I could hear the words seeping from his skull. I stood firm. Sean got up to "go check out the gift shop." I gave him one more mom look. He wouldn't meet my eye. "Sean. DO. NOT." He assured me with a "hmphrty hmph," got three steps away and turned back with a smile, "Ok, but under what circumstances could I buy it for him?"

Titus got the goo. Anyone care to guess how long it lasted? I'll give you one guess:

It's a good thing they're cute.

The next morning we woke up to near tragedy. Our "cheap" getaway rounded out the feeling of yen being play money with a $400 cab ride from New Sanno back to Yokota. To put it in perspective, the hotel is 25 miles from the hospital here on base. 25 miles x 2 taxi cabs=$400. Ooph. My taxi driver gave me a small thanks-for-not-having-a-baby-in-my-cab discount, but Sean's charged him for an extra toll, was a wash. Either way, worth the peace of mind of having my doctor check me out. And worth not having to take an ambulance to a Tokyo hospital where Sean wouldn't have been allowed in my room. 

This may go down as my most memorable Mother's Day in 15 years. 

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