Monday, June 18, 2018

More sewing

Tonight, for the first time ever, I actually welled up with happy tears when a whole bunch of dreams came true in one bitty sewing project. Oh my goodness, the bonnet. I doubt I'll sleep much tonight, thinking about all the bonnets I'm going to sew. 

And a few other projects that have lost their shininess in light of the bonnet. Baby kimono and bloomers. I'll have to make matching bonnets for these, of course. 

This dress is going to get bloomers and a bonnet.

 I wrapped up this circus of a quilt last week. I love it, so much.

I don't have a ton of greens in my decor or even my fabric stash. I saw the green tulips on a recent shopping trip and had to have it. The quilt was built around that bright green.

The backing I bought years ago in Virginia. It just happened to pair nicely. 

Jude has a very random quilt in the works. He found several boy fabrics in my stash that don't make a ton of sense together. I decided on a triangle pattern. I hate it. It hasn't been fun, but I'm determined to finish it. He threw out that he wants Gus and Ruby on his quilt. Considering the quilt fabrics thus far are panda bears, sharks, and jeeps, what could a Gus and Ruby hurt? Two mangy dogs shan't detract any further from a non-existent theme. 

I found this pattern online, but it didn't have eyebrows or a mouth. Gus' eyebrows are his greatest feature. I added them and the mouth because the finished dog just didn't look right. I don't love the blank eyes, but Jude yelled, "I see him! I see Gus!" Good 'nuff.

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